MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.

MADRE's mission is to advance women's human rights by meeting urgent needs in communities and building lasting solutions to the crises women face. MADRE works towards a world in which all people enjoy the fullest range of individual and collective human rights; in which resources are shared equitably and sustainably; in which women participate effectively in all aspects of society; and in which people have a meaningful say in policies that affect their lives. MADRE's vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues we address and by a commitment to working in partnership with women at the local, regional and international levels who share our go...
Apr 7, 2014

Midwives for Peace: In Their Own Words

Midwives for Peace is a network of Palestinian and Israeli midwives, supported by MADRE. They work together to promote peace and protect the health of mothers in the West Bank.

In February, the midwives gathered for their quarterly meeting. These gatherings are an opportunity for the midwives to share updates on their work and talk about successes. They also discuss challenges and plan for the future.

In their February meeting, the midwives asked themselves a question. “How does participating in the group affect us and our work?” They sent some of their thoughts to us, which we would like to share with you now:

“As midwives, the work that we do has the power to change communities.”

“The Palestinian community faces many difficulties. We provide a space that empowers our Palestinian members to share their experiences of suffering and bullying at Israeli checkpoints. And our work is very important in improving the health of Palestinian mothers and babies.”

The next quarterly meeting will take place in May. We look forward to sharing more updates from that meeting. Thank you for supporting this important work!

Mar 19, 2014

A successful year for the Women Farmers Union!

A Women Farmers Union member watering her crops
A Women Farmers Union member watering her crops
Thanks to your generous support, we have great news! Last year, the Women Farmers Union benefited more than 5,000 women farmers and their families.
The Union is active in about 50 villages throughout the El Gadarif region of Sudan. In 2013, the Union distributed more than 5,000 agricultural tools. What's more, the members of the Union were able to farm more than 81,000 acres of land.
As we move forward in 2014, we hope that you will continue to support the crucial work of the Women Farmers Union.
Your support empowers women farmers and increases their options to provide for their families.
Thank you! 
Women Farmers Union members gather for a training
Women Farmers Union members gather for a training
Mar 11, 2014

Creating a Conflict-Free Future for Colombia

In February, MADRE's Program Director Natalia Caruso and Human Rights Advocacy Coordinator Cassandra Atlas, visited our sister organization Taller de Vida in Bogota, Colombia. While there, three young girls who had escaped armed conflict in Colombia shared what they envision for country's future.

Person 1: Personally, for me, I want that tomorrow be better than today, without so many drugs or violence. I want my Colombia to be free of violence, that's what I want.

Person 2: Me, I want Colombia to be free. That one can go out in the streets fearing nothing...they won't be robbed, killed. They can go out in the streets freely and serenely; they can be breathe serenely. That's what I want for my Colombia.

Person 3: I want that all countries, which are like Colombia, become filled with solidarity, love and other good things.

The girls are part of Taller de Vida's Saquen mi cuerpo de la guerra (“Take my body out of the war”) campaign, an initiative that uses art therapy to encourage former child soldiers to share their traumatic experiences.

Although their faces needed to be concealed due to security concerns, the young girls from Taller de Vida wanted to send a thank you to you for standing by them.

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