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The mission of FBF is to promote good will, cross-cultural understanding and friendship between the people of the United States and Burkina Faso; to support grass-roots development projects in Burkina Faso; and to enrich lives of the citizens in both countries. Its Projects Committee serves as a vehicle to facilitate the organization's support of development activities. The Committee evaluates proposals, selects projects, monitors activities, and informs members about project developments.
Dec 2, 2013

Allowing Them the Freedom to Dream

Ouedraogo Zoennabo with uniform & school supplies
Ouedraogo Zoennabo with uniform & school supplies

"On every continent, there are girls who will go on to change the world in ways we can only imagine, if only we allow them the freedom to dream.” — US President Barak Obama 

These are some of the300 girls, in their uniforms with their school bags and lamps, that your generous donations this past year have enabled to go to school.  Their entry into primary school is the beginning of their educational dreams.  Their initial timid and serious appearance will evolve into one of confidence and joy as they progress through school.

Because so many of “our” girls  are successfully completing secondary school, in 2010 NEEED began, with FBF support, to offer a small number of scholarships to the most qualified applicants: for  primary school teaching, nursing, and midwifery training,  or university education.  This year, we offered scholarships to 21 young women, approximately 10% of the qualified women who applied

This holiday season, we have a huge opportunity to support other young, smart and hard-working post secondary girls in northern Burkina Faso eager to become primary school teachers.  Primary school teacher training will qualify them for productive employment and enable the government to increase the number of primary school teachers in underserved villages where parents are desperate to send their children to school.

On TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3  you can double your support for primary school teacher training because Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative will MATCH ALL DONATIONS AT 100%!  The details:

  • 100% matching begins December 3rd, 2013, at 12:00:01 PM (noon) ET (9:00:01 PT) and will end December 4th, 2013, at 12:00:00 PM (noon) ET, or when matching funds run out. 
  • Matching is applied at 100% for every $10 up to $1,000 per donor per project 
  • The $250,000 available in matching funds from Microsoft are likely to run out very early (within the first hour) so we strongly encourage you to donate early!
  • Only online donations (credit card or PayPal) are eligible for matching 
  • Donations made by gift card, check, or text-to-give are not eligible 

To donate, go to

Our sincere thanks for making #GivingTuesday a day to give back and create a better world for young village women in Burkina Faso..

Wishing you and your loved ones a most happy and healthy holiday season.

Ouedraogo Fati ready for school
Ouedraogo Fati ready for school
Ouedraogo Bata with her school supplies & lamp
Ouedraogo Bata with her school supplies & lamp
First day of school, Kouni Tampourin
First day of school, Kouni Tampourin
First day of school, Komtanga Bilingue
First day of school, Komtanga Bilingue
Nov 4, 2013

2013 Girls

Ouedraogo Angelique, nursing training
Ouedraogo Angelique, nursing training

Attached are photos of four young women for whom you, our generous GlobalGiving partners, have provided scholarships to post secondary training this school year.  Other photos will follow shortly.  Three of these girls are entering primary school teacher training and one is entering nursing training.  They are very grateful for the scholarships they have received, enabling them to acquire training in education and health.  All are village girls who gained their initial access to their primary school educations with the assistance of the Lambs Support Girls' Education Project (GlobalGiving project #1818).   

We are proud to announce that  to date, ALL of the 54 young women supported by this project have now either graduated from their training and are employed (18) or are currently in training/education programs (36):  100% success among well-selected and highly motivated young women!

Our sincere thanks to all of you  who have made, and are making, this journey possible.  Your continuing support will enable an even larger number of girls to pursue post secondary training/education next year!

Thank you!

Savadogo Alimata, nursing training
Savadogo Alimata, nursing training
Sep 9, 2013

300 Grateful Young Girls

As the school year begins, 300 young village girls are grateful for your support enabling them to enter primary school.  Our partner, Association NEEED, is currently distributing school supplies and working with parents to purchase the lambs that will support the girls’ remaining 12 years of primary-secondary education.  We will share photos of this year’s girls as soon as we receive them.

Meanwhile, we have received results of government year end testing of primary school students from last year: 86.4% of the girls supported by this Lambs Support Village Girls’ Education Project successfully passed these exams to complete primary school and enroll in middle school this year compared with 62.4% of all students in the Northern Region.   This achievement level of girls supported by this project has been consistent since our support began in 2002.  It is remarkable for two reasons: 1) the girls (and their parents) have taken seriously the opportunity given them for an education, and 2) it demonstrates the importance of very basic schools supplies in enhancing a child’s ability to maximize her potential.  

In addition, younger girls are increasingly seeing older girls receive scholarships (supported by Friends of Burkina Faso and our partners, including GlobalGiving) to continue their educations beyond secondary school.  This is a huge source of motivation and hope.

The Lambs Support Village Girls’ Education Project costs less in donor support than any education project I have ever seen in terms of cost per child per year of education: a $90 donation provides the initial necessary support allowing a girl to achieve 13 years of education. 

  Thanks again for your generous and continuing support for the education of these girls.   Photos of “our girls” will be forthcoming soon.

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