Safe Water Network

Safe Water Network's priority is to eliminate undue suffering from preventable water-related illnesses by developing new approaches and partnerships to improve safe water access for underserved families. Our community-based approach begins with listening to local needs and responding with safe water projects that integrate hygiene, training programs, ownership financing and locally appropriate purification systems. Safe water provision catalyzes economic and social transformation.
2 villages in India - Pochampalli and Katrapalli
Amangal to Shettipally Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India
(16.90065, 78.64799)
Bring Safe Drinking Water to Children in India
Mangapuram Thanda, Andhra Pradesh, India
(17.04792, 80.09703)
Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India
DVK Rd, Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, India
(17.04776, 79.26323)
National Highway 200, Chhattisgarh, India
(21.99534, 81.91406)
Pochampalli, India
Dharmapuri - Tirupattur Rd, Pochampalli, Tamil Nadu, India
(12.33310, 78.36520)
Safe Water Station, Katrapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India
Ippal Narsingapur Road, Huzurabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
(18.16579, 79.38399)
Safe Water Station, Pochampalli, Andhra Pradesh, India
Mumbai Highway, Gowarawaram, Andhra Pradesh, India
(16.83446, 80.18613)
State of Andhra Pradesh (AP). Safe Water Network brings safe water to 11 villages in AP.
Nagarjuna Sagar Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India
(16.96371, 78.82378)
Village of Katrapalli in Andhra Pradesh
Ippal Narsingapur Road, Huzurabad, Andhra Pradesh 505480, India
(18.16582, 79.38431)
Village of Katrapalli in Andhra Pradesh, India
Ippal Narsingapur Rd, Huzurabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
(18.16579, 79.38380)