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Sep 6, 2013

OIN- Uttarakhand Cloudburst & flash flood response

Programme activities in Uttarakhand

  • Dry food ration packets to 1,376 households (target 1,500): Packets consist of rice, wheat flour, pulses, mustard oil, and spices (14 August 2013)
  • NFI and Hygiene kit to 1,721 households (Bucket and mug, blankets, candleand match box, tarpaulin and ground sheets, solar lamps, bathing and washingsoap, sanitary cloth and biscuits.
  • Transitional shelter along with latrines for 225 households – procurement ofshelter kit has begun; identified 119 targeted households through communityprocess.
  • Sanitation facilities: Construction of 50 household latrines against targeted 150is ongoing (total target along with shelter support is 375) .
  • Emergency food security and livelihood – 1,170 households (Unconditionalcash transfer and cash for work). Cash transfer work starting from 15th August in3 villages.
  • Public health promotion in collaboration with government health departmentand ICDS centre and schools.
  • Support to 20 affected ICDS centres targeting children in affected areas:transitional shelter support, safe water and sanitation and biscuits support incollaboration with Ministry of Women and Child Development, GoUK, DistrictAdministration and United Nations Disaster Management Team (UNDMT)


  • Reaching the most vulnerable beneficiaries in isolated villages
  • Maintaining quality and speed. Approaching winter.
  • Operating in highly risk terrain while remaining safe, neutral and objective
  • Ensuring priority relief to vulnerable groups
  • Coordinating with minimal communication
  • Harsh weather conditions and Inaccessibility and hazardous location
  • Poor communication
  • Limited staff movement at times
  • Stressful working environment. Demanding community
  • Transporters not willing to carry goods to certain locations because of bad roads  and continuous landslides.


Sep 7, 2010

Oxfam India Flood response - photos from field

The programme activities are:

•Shelter package for winter:Oxfam would provide winter shelter NFI kit to the 1000 worst affected households. The support would include Shelter NFI which the households can use while in their transitional shelter.

•Safe Water provision:Oxfam India’s WASH programme would cover 2000 households who have both been directly and indirectly affected by the disaster. This would mean immediate provision of safe water in the camp areas and affected villages.


•OUTCOME1 -2000 targeted households in the affected areas will benefit from hygiene-related NFI distributions before the end of the project period

•OUTCOME2 -2000 targeted households in villages and camps have access to clean drinking water

•OUTCOME3 -2000 targeted households in the affected areas (especially camps) have increased access to and make optimal use of sanitation facilities & take action to protect themselves against public health risks before the end of the project period.

•OUTCOME4 -1000 targeted households (who have lost their homes and assets) in the affected areas have increased access to basic NFI and make optimal use of it & take action to protect themselves against the winter before the end of the project period