Developments in Literacy

DIL is dedicated to providing quality education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, by establishing and operating schools in the underdeveloped regions of Pakistan, with a strong focus on gender equality and community participation. No child in Pakistan, no matter how poor or underprivileged, should be denied access to quality education. All children should have equal opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute toward the socio-economic betterment of their communities.
DIL has over 179 schools across Pakistan
(34.65693, 73.84132)
District Dir, where DIL supports 31 schools
Kohi Hassan Khel Rd, Pakistan
(33.79976, 71.71816)
District Mansehra, where DIL supports 3 schools
Chakiah Rd, Mansehra, Pakistan
(34.32880, 73.20446)
Gadran waro Road, Pakistan
(27.91055, 68.02734)
Rural Khaipur, where DIL supports 50 schools providing a girl-centric education environment
Ranipur - Sobhodero Rd, Pakistan
(27.30475, 68.48877)