Cheerful Hearts Foundation

Vision: The Vision of Cheerful Hearts Foundation is to see healthy, educated and empowered rural communities of Ghana. We want to blend the demarcation line between the rural poor and urban rich. With education as our mandate, the vision is clear. Mission: To collaborate with the rural dwellers and stakeholders, to advance the educational standards for their children, and improve health services toward better living conditions for the children, men and women in the indigenous communities in Ghana. Our Objectives are: To empower children, youth, men, and women in rural communities through education, job training, and health awareness programs. To improve existing rural health faciliti...
D. A. Government School, Nyanyano, Ghana
Cleland Road, Accra, Ghana
(5.50081, -.19775)
Gomoa Fetteh
Unnamed Rd, Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana
(5.41944, -.47366)
Gomoa Fetteh along Cape Coast Winneba Road
(-8.35138, 1.40625)
Gomoa Nyanyano, Gomoa Fetteh community
Feyenoord Fetteh, Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana
(5.39334, -.49585)
Kasoa Community, Ghana, West Africa
Accra - Cape Coast Road, Kasoa, Ghana
(5.52867, -.44357)
Gomoa Nyanyano - Kasoa Road, Kasoa, Ghana
(5.47523, -.42014)
Save 100 women and Physically challenged in Ghana
(4.28507, .70312)
Senya Beraku
Senya Beraku, Ghana
(5.39008, -.49537)
The partner Kasoa Poly Clinic is located here.
Accra - Cape Coast Road, Kasoa, Ghana
(5.53041, -.43327)
This community is located along the coast to Cape Coast. It has the worst form of child trafficking
Beachroad, Senya Beraku, Ghana
(5.39102, -.49511)
This community is where the child labour and trafficking project in ongoing
Beachroad, Senya Beraku, Ghana
(5.39146, -.49550)
This is one of the fishing communities within the Awutu Senya District of Ghana. The community is about 15minutes away from Awutu Senya and 30minutes away from the Nyanyano fishing villages.
Feyenoord Fetteh, Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana
(5.43709, -.49585)
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