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Mission:1) To raise money to purchase malaria nets for needy Africans to protect them from sickness and death. When children are not sick with malaria, they can attend more days of school. Parents have more time to work, and they spend less of their small income on malaria medication. 2) To ensure the nets are used correctly volunteers educate the bednet recipients about malaria, the benefits of bednets, and how to use nets. 3) To educate U.S. students about the burden of malaria in the world.
Jun 1, 2012

6,000 Down 27,345 to Go!

Opok Primary School
Opok Primary School

Thanks to your generosity, NETwork Against Malaria purchased 6,000 bed nets this spring for school-going children in the schools surrounding Katulikirie run by one of NETwork’s Ugandan Directors, Francis Banura.  In Uganda, 40% of school-going children have malaria at all times making malaria the largest cause of preventable absenteeism.   This fact is significant because education is the only way that the children of Katulikirie can escape their current poverty.

The children in Katulikirie are sons and daughters of sustenance farmers living off the land.  They are so poor that they wear the same clothes every day, they do not have enough money for shoes on their feet, and they certainly do not have enough money for treatment for malaria. 

When the children get malaria, they miss school, fall behind, and if their malaria becomes serious enough they are left mentally debilitated and can even die.   Preventing malaria illness with bed nets is the first step in protecting the children from this illness, and the nets help them stay in school, so that they may have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their children. 

Thank you again for your support.  Below you will see the pictures of lives you have changed.

Celebrating Children at Opok. 965 Kids Protected
Celebrating Children at Opok. 965 Kids Protected
Opok PS
Opok PS
Nyamahasa Primary School. 1,350 Students Protected
Nyamahasa Primary School. 1,350 Students Protected


Feb 28, 2012

Why Do Malaria Bed Nets Save Lives?

NETwork Against Malaria is currently very busy undertaking several projects. First, we have begun our annual local art contests in cities throughout the country including New York City and Omaha. Watch for winning entries or see how to submit a piece of work at:

Next, we are preparing for our largest distribution ever in the coming weeks.  Watch for pictures and video of the distribution to come.  Our goal over the next several years is to cover all 30,000+ children who attend the schools overseen by one of our volunteers. 

Finally, we continue to develop our curriculum for students and adults interested in learning about malaria, the children we serve, and how they are impacted by malaria and our work.  Watch our newest animated video about why malaria bednets save lives and impact communities.  Visit this link: to watch the video. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!


Dec 14, 2011

Remembering Sarah and Sekukkulu Greetings

     Thank you to all the NETwork Against Malaria supporters. Sekukkulu or Christmas is an important holiday and an important time in Uganda where people do not exchange gifts, but gather for food and celebration. My friends in Uganda are already wishing their family and friends a Merry Christmas. As you celebrate the holiday season, please remember our friends in Uganda where malaria "season" is all year around.

     During the summer of 2011 while on a school sponsored research-directed trip to Uganda, I witnessed cases at the pediatric acute care unit at Mulago Hospital, the largest public hospital in Uganda where treatments and diagnostics are limited due to poor funding and poverty. The underlying cause of many comas, anemia, and even low birth weight is - malaria.

     One of the cases I most remember during my stay in Uganda is that of six-year-old Sarah. Her father carried her into the room, stiff and moaning, her arms clenched, eyes wide open, her large pupils stared at nothing. What grade was she in? "P3", (third grade) her father answered. How long ago? "Three weeks." It was hard to image three weeks ago, this child attended third grade. Today, her Glasgow Coma Score is 3. Three weeks ago she was ok? "Yes, she was a little scared of animals, but she was okay."

    This summer I travelled on dirt paths to villages that cannot be found on maps to distribute insecticide treated nets. I met girls in schools and families living in 10 foot huts who benefited from NETwork Against Malaria bed net distributions in years past. The region where we currently distribute nets is considered a region of "very high" endemicity by the CDC, and it is also extremely poor. I spoke with girls and families who had received our nets. They all said the same thing - they aren't getting malaria anymore. It is "reduced to 0 percent", keeping girls in school,helping parents escape from poverty and provide food for teir children, and most importantly,preventing avoidable deaths.

In the process of distributing the nets,people invited me into their homes and communities. In one village a group of children gathered and sang for me for three hours. I sat on a tree stump while they danced, taught me to dance and I learned their names... Koskova, Margaret, Samuel...  I could not help but remember Sarah. I thought that if only she had had a bed net to sleep under . .  she would be safe and perhaps dancing or playing under the same sun under which I also sat. 

We are now in the process of raising funds to buy bed nets for Koskova, Margaret, Samuel, and thousands of the village children, Today, thousands of miles away I hope that they will enjoy Sekukkulu , that they are safe, and not perish from malaria.  Thank you for your continued support.

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