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Mission:1) To raise money to purchase malaria nets for needy Africans to protect them from sickness and death. When children are not sick with malaria, they can attend more days of school. Parents have more time to work, and they spend less of their small income on malaria medication. 2) To ensure the nets are used correctly volunteers educate the bednet recipients about malaria, the benefits of bednets, and how to use nets. 3) To educate U.S. students about the burden of malaria in the world.
Jul 25, 2013

Africa 2014

Primary school recipients in Katulikirie
Primary school recipients in Katulikirie

In 2011, I first traveled on bumpy roads and dirt paths not found on maps to meet with children in Katulikirie schools who had received our nets.  Knowing the children who have received our nets makes my mission so much more personal.  Since I left, we have distributed nets to more than 10,000 of these children.  Many of the children who I met have received our nets since I left, but several more wait. More than 30,000 children attend the 52 schools overseen by Francis, and we intend to protect all of them against malaria.  We plan to protect another 2,000 children before I return to Uganda in April of 2014, and we plan to distribute additional nets while I am there.  We really need your help!  We are creating a new line of fashion jewelry designed by our artistic interns! Be on the lookout for this jewelry, and please consider donating to help my friends in Katulikirie!

Apr 23, 2013

Upcoming distribution--Urgent Request. $3,000 down, 7,427 to go!

Diima students
Diima students

Hey all!

I hope that all is well as you prepare for summer vacation. The rainy season in Uganda just ended, the roads in the rural villages are passable, malaria is in full-swing, and we would like to conduct one more distribution before the children leave for the summer.  Francis, the Ugandan volunteer who oversees the 52 schools where we distribute has asked if we could give to: Diima Primary School (total population 1,286), Nanda Primary School (total Population 1,079)  and Yabwengi Primary School (total Population 1,022) for a total of 3387 children. The total cost of this distribution is $13,427. We have made about $3,000 since our initial request.  We greatly appreciate all who have so generously contributed.  We are still about $7427 short.

Francis and his students are waiting to hear from us.  This would be the first time we would have to say "no" to Francis and his students in Uganda. If you have any funds to contribute-- ideas or suggestions of ways to fundraise, we would greatly appreciate them. We are selling jewelry:!shop-now/c24ib and dolls:
No amount is too small.  Every bit helps!
Thanks for all of the work that you do.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Apr 10, 2013

Summer in Uganda--Urgent request

Previous first grade recipients.
Previous first grade recipients.

The second week of August marks the beginning of summer for a the school-going Ugandan child.  Two years ago I traveled to Uganda for their summer.  Similar to the spring rains that proceed the US summer, rains proceed the Ugandan summer, and these rains bring mosquitos.  Everyone is familiar with the pesky pokes and whines of summer mosquitoes, in Uganda mosquitoes are not only are an annoyance, but also the most deadly creature in the nation.  Children are bitten by the mosquitoes and contract malaria.

During my trip to Uganda, I worked in a pediatric emergency room.  There I saw countless cases of malaria.  The story was so often the same.  A father wearing a dirty winter coat--attire I learned is often associated with poverty as second-hand American winter coats are inexpensive in Uganda for obvious reasons--carried his emaciated daughter, similarly clad in a dirty little boy's parka, trembling with fever but unresponsive, eyes blankly staring ahead. He placed her on the exam table in front of me.  The nurse translated.  "She is 10 years third grade...The father brought her to an inexpensive clinic up-country because she has malaria." The father pushed a small zip lock bag containing 4 white pills toward me. "Those are the pills that he bought there." She turned to me, "They are very poor. They cannot afford the treatment here," and back to the father, "He says that his daughter has only gotten worse. She no longer can talk. He tried to put the pills down her throat and spit food into her mouth because she cannot swallow."  The nurse looked back at me, "That noise when she breathes is probably the food in her lungs." "He worries she will die. He hope you can help."  A child so sick with a coma from cerebral malaria often does not get better.  This little girl died a few days later.

Because poverty prevents parents from seeking appropriate care for their children, they often present to the hospital at a point where the child is unlikely to get better--even if the child was treated at the best hospital in the USA with the most expensive medical equipment.  As this is the reality, I believe that prevention is the best form of treatment.  We have distributed over 15,000 nets to school children like my third grade friend.  We could not have done this without your help. 

We have the opportunity on May 1-3 to conduct six distributions in grade schools in Katulikirie.  These distributions will come the week before summer vacation--just in time to protect the children against post-rains malaria season.  Before conducting this distribution we need an additional $7,000.  We urgently, desperately need your help. 

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