Consortium for Street Children

The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is the leading international network dedicated to realising the rights of street children. We focus on four key strategic areas: Advocacy, Research, Shared Learning and Capacity Building. CSC is continually expanding and currently has over 70 network members working across 130 countries.
Jan 12, 2012

Sharing the voices of Tanzanian street children

Representatives from Caretakers of the Environment Tanzania attended an expert consultation at the UN in Geneva on the subject of street children, where they had the opportunity to share real life stories of street children in Tanzania. Planning work is now also underway for a National football challenge to take place in Tanzania. As well as football tournaments, there will be side events such as street dance competitions. The tournament will help select a team of street children to represent Tanzania at the Street Child World Cup taking place in Brazil in 2014.

Finally, a small group of children in Tanzania are taking part in a project where children across five continents are filmed talking about the issues that affect them. The film will become part of a short documentary, due to be screened in support of the International Day for Street Children on 12th April 2012.  

Dec 6, 2011

Scoping trip

street children successfully reunited w families
street children successfully reunited w families

In November two members of the CSC team visited Delhi and Kolkata to meet a number of Indian NGOs. The Consortium for Street Children comprises independent NGO's across the globe - all of whom work with street children. During this trip we were able to experience first hand the incredible work our partners undertake on the ground and understand more about their funding gaps and the level of support they need in order to make their projects sustainable. This recent trip will enable us to make informed and knowledgeable choices about the type of projects who will receive grants, once we have raised enough money.

Nov 17, 2011

New street children research report published

SOWSC front cover
SOWSC front cover

CSC has now published its major 2011 report 'State of the World's Street Children: Research', which finds that research into street children is fragmented and that, when available, is not being used adequately to inform interventions and government policies. It also finds that whilst street children are starting to be consulted about the policies and interventions that affect them, this is not happening often enough.

One of the key recommendations of the report is the creation of a dedicated, sustainable resource where existing research literature can be collected and held, which can be accessed by all those who have an interest. 

CSC is committed to making this research 'hub' a reality. Such a resource will facilitate real 'joined-up thinking' in order to ensure street children are involved at every level in matters that affect them.