Rozaria Memorial Trust

RMT was founded in 2007 in memory of the late Mbuya Rozaria Marumisa Dizha (1923 - 2006). She lived 27 years as a widow and her life was an embodiment of hard work, caring, sharing, innovation, self-reliance and creativity. In her lifetime she invested in education, entrepreneurship and community care. RMT advocates for the empowerment and rights of women, children and young people. It supports innovative actions in health, education and entrepreneurship for women and young people in rural communities.
Apr 7, 2014

Update on Rehabiliation of Magaya School

This is a progress report on our project on the rehabilitation of Magaya Primary school through the construction of two classroom blocks. The construction on the project started in March 2013 from foundation level. Your support has enabled us to cater for the labour costs for contractors and to compliment with some building materials.

The latest development is the completion of the roofing of the two (2) classroom blocks with each block having two classrooms. To complete the construction work, the next step to be taken is the plastering, flooring and painting of the classroom blocks. After completion of this, the classes will be ready for use by 200 students.

The head of Magaya Primary School, Mrs Wachipa summed up her gratitude to this achievement, “I can now afford a descent sleep knowing that we have partners who care about the welfare and education of our kids, the two classroom blocks will uplift the standards of education at the school. With the community struggling to pay the school fees, we will no have been able to carry out this massive work at our own. The rehabilitation project spearheaded by Rozaria Memorial Trust is making us to realise our dreams of a favorable learning environment for our students.”

Our project is 60% complete, we are now harnessing the financial resources to cater for 200 bags of cement and labour fees for plastering, flooring and painting. The total amount required is US$5 000, 00. The community is playing its part by providing the locally available building material that includes bricks, quarry stones and sand.

Last year was a difficult year in Zimbabwe, as the country went into elections. The education sector is yet to recover th the government has not been prioritising infrastructure rehabilitation. We are aso excited that through this project, there was increased visibility to our efforts. Books for Africa has offered to donate a container of Books for Magaya Primary school. This again has boosted our morale. We are anxious that the books may arrive when we do not have decent and secure storage facilities. If we complete these two classroom blocks, the school can use one of the inner staff rooms as a resource centre for the books.

We have also stepped up our social media presence. You can now follow the activities of Rozaria Memorial Trust on our facebook page:


Jan 1, 2014

A roof at last!

Magaya 1
Magaya 1

The roofing of our two classroom blocks as a special gift of humanity to our children and the community of Magaya Primary school. We invite you to support as as we now focus on plastering, painting, floors and ensuring that we have the ncessary furniture for the students and the teachers. We are pleased to share with you these photos showing the fully roofed two classroom blocks.

Rozaria Memorial Trust has committed to collaborating with schoold administration and the former students association in renovating Magaya Primary school infrastructure  was destroyed by a storm a few years back. It had been a trying moment for for the 500 students who had to learn in non conducive environment, This had affected performance for the students.

Best wishes for 2014

Magaya 2
Magaya 2
Magaya 3
Magaya 3
Dec 2, 2013

Keeping the Promise to Children Living with HIV

In memory of Rozaria Jnr who passed away in 2013.
In memory of Rozaria Jnr who passed away in 2013.

We have been unusually quiet in the last few months. We continued though with our deep actions to provide support to children and young people living with HIV in Murewa. We had a few hiccups with on this site, and at the same time we were going through our 7 year strategic planning and annual audit. Hooray, we have been able to complete all the three in time for our World AIDS Day Message.

As a Trust, we were founded with the core mission of giving life opportunities to young people, especially though in difficult situations, including children living with or affected by HIV as well as other orphans and vulnerable children. Your support over the years have enabled us to kep the promise as we continue to send almost 70 children living with HIV to school; and have enabled them to be continously on medicine.

We are thrilled that in the last five years of our work, we have managed to have all the children in our programme continue with their education, as we provided school fees. No drop Out. Some of those who finished their O levels had moved on to either go with their education or retake exams for those who would have failed to meet the grades. We have provided some short term internship opportunities as a way of bridging for some of the children.

Kensington's story is telling. He was the best student at O levels at Chipinda Secondary school this last year. He is from Bere village. Due to social and family circumstances, he was unable to proceed to A level or college. He stayed at home until Rozaria Memorial Trust, which had provided him with treatement and educaion support was alerted by the community members that "the bright student, whom you medicines is now just sitting at home, because he has no money to continue with education". We knew immediately that we had to do something because it was not enough that Kensington was on medicine, we helped him again to enroll for A levels and go back to school.

The work of Rozaria Memorial Trust has been featured on the Zimbabwe newspapers several times.

On this World AIDS Day, Rozaria Memorial Trust commits to its promise, working now in almost 40 villages in the 3 Wards of Murewa. The Trust is working with 2 community health centres and Murewa District Hospital, collaborating directly with 10 schools in the district. We continue to step up support to the communities and especially to the young girls, We have initiated the establishment of girls clubs to discuss sexual and reproductive health issues at Magaya, Zhombwe, Mazeyanike, Chitate and Chipinda primary schools. Prevention is as important as treatment.

Thank you for your continued generosity as you work with us in providing treatment, education and support to children living with and affected by HIV in Murewa.

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