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UM Healthcare Trust aims to provide subsidised and affordable healthcare services to communities in need. Main Objectives: To provide immediate medical care to the needy in best possible way To make use of innovative technologies in extending healthcare services To assist the sick in getting medical services from specialists through the latest tele-medicine technologies To focus on mother and child care To disseminate knowledge and to spread awareness To participate in
Mar 23, 2012

Internet Hotspot available at Village Zahidabad

“ Its Free and anyone from the village can use it even at homes, agriculture fields, farms and streets” — Ashfaq Khan, emphasizing on the benefits of Hotspot Internet

So the Exciting News is that Hotspot Internet is available for free of cost to the hospital staff as well as local community of village Zahidabad. It is broadband Internet via satellite (donated by Cybernet in 2006), which is transported to Zahidabad village using Nano Station 2 equipment.


                                              Satellite at UM Trust

Having Hotspot Internet at rural area offers enormous potential for communication and collaboration, as more and more people are able to connect to it easily. Its like a whole new world is open to them. Local community is exploiting this opportunity for educational and learning purpose where as small Children are also using it to play games.

“ It is amazing to see how fast a five years old kid in rural learns the functionality of mobile phone and uses Internet to download games and educational material”- Atif mumtaz, Jaroka project Director 

                         Hotspot Internet available at UM Trust

                        Hotspot Internet available at UM Trust

This technology is also offering more flexibility for UM Trust operations in the field such as remote data collection and monitoring programs, remote treatment of patient and disease surveillance.


Feb 22, 2012

Newsletter February 2012

                                                       UM Healthcare Trust 

                                                           Newsletter February 2012


                                          Female Patient being treated at UM Trust

“Some 30,000 women die each year due to pregnancy complications and 10 times more women develop life-long, pregnancy-related disabilities. About one quarter of all children suffer from low birth weight due to maternal problems and 10 percent of those born do not reach their first birthday.”

- Source CALL – Communication & Advance Linguistic Links.

Glimpse of year 2011

Flood Relief 2010-2011- UM Trust

We are pleased to share that year 2011 proved a significant year for UM Healthcare Trust as we continue to provide support to our mission for providing better healthcare to the poor and needy in best possible ways. We are extremely appreciative to our team, funders, donors and volunteers for helping us in making it this far. The snapshot of major activities of year 2011 is as follow:

This year we have treated over 30,000 patients at our facility, making it an average of 2,500 patients monthly. Majority of the patients were women (51%) and children (30%).read more

Rural women and their struggle for healthcare

Women waiting for their turn-UM Trust

Even though most women in the urban areas of Pakistan have access to medical facilities, the health indicators of women in Pakistan are among the worst in the world; predominantly due to the large rural female population struggling for healthcare facilities. The low level of overall healthcare standards in the country that stem from this disparity can be attributed to a number of more


Jan 16, 2012

Newsletter January 2012


                                                               Newsletter January 2012

                                          Lady Doctors treating patients at UM facility

“UM Healthcare, which provides health care to a region of 180,000 people–it’s the sole facility there. I was moved by the difference that he has made, and how cheaply he has done it….”

Steven Ketchpel- author of Giving Back and Reuters Digital Vision Fellow Stanford.

Proud to Sustain Kidney Transplant patient         Hina Akram treated by Dr. Nasir Iqbal

We were extremely relieved to see our daughter getting better after so much suffering and I prayed to God for her long life”, reflects Hina’s father.

For six year old Hina Akram from Sadiqabad, Mardan, life changed when she was diagnosed with renal failure in April 2004. Unlike her peers in the village who have hardly seen life outside their neighborhood, Hina now visited nephrologists in the city often. There she received medication to ameliorate her pain and to treat her oedema, insufficient growth and other symptoms. Her father, Muhammad Akram, began to worry about his finances while he struggled to provide his daughter the expensive but necessary more


Giving Back features UM Trust

                                           Pharmacy at UM for patients

We feel delighted to share that UM Healthcare Trust got featured in , ” Serving Patients for $2 each in Pakistan”, in the blog GIVING BACK.

The author, Steven Ketchpel ( a Phd in Computer Science and Reuters Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University), comprehensively describes the healthcare and relief work UM Trust is doing and its impact on saving lives of regular patients as well as the IDPs (2009) and flood victims (2010) in Pakistan. Most of these patients survive less than $1 a day salary and have seen doctor first time in their more


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