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RAR's mission is to engage caregivers in a routine of book sharing with their children from birth through age eight to foster healthy brain development, healthy relationships, a love of reading, and the literacy skills critical for school success.
Jun 2, 2015

Raising A Reader in any language

Battle Creek
Battle Creek

This story from a Raising A Reader program in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Battle Creek is now home to a large number of Burmese families who have moved to the area over the last few years as refugees. The community of Battle Creek wanted to make the new families in their community feel welcome in the programs and services being received. When thinking about Raising A Reader, that meant bilingual books.

Some Battle Creek families are participating in Raising A Reader through a home visiting program. Family Coaches make weekly visits to families and provide the red bag filled with books. With the help of the National Office of Raising A Reader, the Family Coach can provide four books published in both English and Burmese in addition to the other books in the collection. The need is so high that Battle Creek translated an additional nine titles by adding Burmese text to the books on clear labels adhered to each page next to the English text.  When parents first saw books in their native language, some cried. Seeing children's book in Burmese made them feel like they belonged. From the success locally, the Burmese collection is now available nationwide for other affiliate RAR programs to use.

Your support helps Raising A Reader children and their families in Battle Creek and in 33 other states develop, practice and maintain early learning skills crucial to future success. 

Thank you for all that you do to support child literacy through Raising A Reader!

You truly are changing the lives of children and families in need.

Yours in book sharing
The Raising A Reader Team


Mar 17, 2015

Mathew and his little red book bag

"Share a book with me!"
"Share a book with me!"

I want to share with you a story from Kern County, North Carolina. Mathew’s family wrote to tell us how important Raising A Reader has been in helping him get excited about reading and sharing books together.

Here’s what they wrote…

“Mathew gets really excited when he gets to take home his little red book bag every week with different books. He doesn’t even wait to get them home. He insists on staying in the car to look through them all.

The program has helped him to get more excited about learning to read. It gives us something to look forward to each night as we read together before bed time."

We want to thank you for making stories like this possible!

With your support, we will begin to deliver the evidence based Raising A Reader With STEM program this fall to children and families who need it most. As one of the most evaluated programs of its kind in the country, with a reach of 130,000 children and families each year, Raising A Reader is now a national leader in family engagement and literacy, and a trusted partner in over 2,700 locations across the nation.

Thanks to you we continue to change lives through a little red bag of books and children like Mathew who can’t wait to say "share a book with me!" 

As always, thank you for all you do to support underserved children and families through Raising A Reader!

Yours in book sharing
Olivia Jones and The Raising A Reader Team

RAR children in California & their red book bags
RAR children in California & their red book bags
Mar 6, 2015

A Special Family Moment

I want to share with you this story we heard from a Mom at Avery County Smart Start in North Carolina.

Her daughter had no interest in reading. In fact, if her Mom pulled out a book to read the little girl would take it and put it right back on the shelf. In August, having participated in Raising A Reader for a few months, the little girl’s Mom had a fantastic story to tell.

”My daughter would actually pick up her red book bag, bring it to me and pull out the books to read. For the first time we would sit on her bed, cuddle and read together.”

What happened next brought this Mom to tears. Her husband, who had never read with his daughter before, joined them in their nightly reading routines so they could share books together as a family. This Mom called it a “special family moment” and she was so excited she had to tell the teachers at Avery Smart Start the very next day.

Raising A Reader’s little red book bag has helped more than one million families develop, practice, and maintain the habit of sharing books.

Thanks to your support we are reaching more and more children each year and continue to develop innovative programs such as your own Raising A Reader With STEM.

Thank you for all that you do to support child literacy through Raising A Reader!

You truly are changing the lives of children and families in need.

Yours in book sharing
Olivia and the Raising A Reader Team

"for the 1st time we would cuddle & read together"
"for the 1st time we would cuddle & read together"

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