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Our vision is of a world without prejudice, in which every human being has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or beliefs. We aim to do this by challenging the ignorance and prejudice that trap people in poverty.
Jun 13, 2011

Big changes

I thought it'd be interesting to get Karunaprabha (the leader of this project in Pune) to share her thoughts about aspects of the project. She kindly answered a series of questions for me, which I'll be sharing with you in the next few weeks! 

Question: What do you see as the biggest successes that you have seen in your work?


1. First of all, our efforts mean that we've been successful in creating a supportive environment where the girls can build their self-esteem and confidence.

2. Another big change has been the fact they they all eat healthy food now, and they know about the impact of food on their well-being.

3. It's lovely to see them all interact with one another and make friends - so different to the isolation that many faced before.

4. A major step has been how girls are becoming financially empowered through having done vocational training.

5. The girls really are becoming agents in their own lives, participating in decision-making over issues that affect their own lives. 

Jun 13, 2011

Aniket's Story



NAME:  Aniket  Dattatray  Kangune.  Age-  12 years                                      

Aniket and his family resides at Village Saikhindi.  His father is a wage labourer and his mother rolls bidis to earn their daily bread.  They live in a small one room rented house.  Their financial condition is very poor.

Aniket’s health was very poor when he was small.  NISD organised a pediatric camp in his village and Aniket was diagnosed with a small hole in his heart. The doctor suggested an operation of this six year child which was not possible for this family.  Her mother was crying about Aniket’s position. 

NISD staff built confidence in Aniket’s parents and encouraged them to go for further check-ups at Pune.  The  K.E.M. hospital, Pune doctor also confirmed the problem and advised surgery.  NISD and local doctor used their contacts for concession in the operative charges.  As Aniket’s mother is in the Self Help Group the group members arranged Rs. 20000 as loan from their SHG and it’s federation.  The operation was done and Aniket’s problem was solved.  Afterwards Aniket’s health started improving and he developed as a normal child.

Now Aniket is studying in 6th std. in the Manoharbaba Vidhyalaya in the same village i.e. Saikhindi.  This is a govt. run school.  NISD organised a number of programs in  his schools such as computer class, yoga class, mobile library, support class and other programs.  Aniket benefits from these program.  Support class help him to improve his studies, reading, writing skills. He also receives support in form of educational material. Aniket is a member of Child Parliament – named Jeevandeep  Balpanchayat Gat. Aniket’s younger sister, Reshma, also became member of Child Parliament. Aniket says he has a number of friends after joining the Child Parliament groups and he learns a number of good things in the groups.  Recently he learned to ride a bicycle.

Aniket’s house is very close to the NISD run pre-school centre.  So he always go there and helps the worker in keeping books/play material at proper place, decorate the pre-school centre, and keep the place clean and neat.

Jun 7, 2011

Shravan, now healthy and happy

Shravan, now healthy and happy
Shravan, now healthy and happy

Shravan's story shows how this project is creating healthier and happier children..

Name:  Shravan Prakash Wale, Aged 3


Shravan’s  family is staying in village Zole.  His father is a mason and his mother works as a wage labour. In the beginning,  Shravan was not attending the pre-school centre, though the pre-school teacher paid severals visit to his home. The problem was that neither he nor his mother was willing to send him in to the pre-school centre.  His weight was only 7.5 kg at that time, so he was a malnourished child. Due to his poor health, he used to cry continuously and so he was seen as a problematic child.

After a number of visits and discussions with his mother, the pre-school worker realised that Shravan did not receive any nutrition in addition to his mother’s milk, so his weight was not increasing.  Along with other NISD Staff, the teacher offer counselling to his mum and helped to explain her son’s health problems.  NISD organised a Paediatric camp and asked his mother to bring Shravan there for a check- up. Due to this, within 2 month time his weight increased by 2 kg. In the pre-school centre that he now attends, he is able to get supplementary nutrition

Now his health is improving and he is regularly coming to pre-school and getting mix with other children very well.  He’s no longer seen as a ‘problem child’.  His mother goes to work and can now concentrate well there, as she knows that Shravan is looked after in the pre-school very well. 

Your continued generosity has improved Shravan’s health and has got him attending pre-school. There is no doubt that this educational base and improved health will allow him to do progress in his life. 

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