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Our vision is of a world without prejudice, in which every human being has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or beliefs. We aim to do this by challenging the ignorance and prejudice that trap people in poverty.
May 12, 2014

Rohan - health volunteer


Rohan is 9 and lives in a village 20km from Sangamner. Rohan is in class 3 and his younger brother of 7 is in class 2. Rohan’s father is a farmer but rainfall here is now much more irregular, and so they face many hardships through not being able to produce enough.They come from a low-caste background so getting employment or finding other sources of income is difficult. 

Rohan and his brother were almost as if neglected in many ways, because their parents would be so busy. They were not bathing, in dirty clothes, with uncut nails and unkept hair.

He was selected for the School Health Volunteer Programme, that the may change his habits and encourage other children to do the same. He attended all the lessons abotu good health and personal hygiene. Continuous follow up by the social worker motivated Rohan to imporve his personal hygiene. 

He has now started wearing clean clothes, wears shoes, bathes and cuts his nails regularly. He encourages his friends to do the same at school. This position has brought Rohan a new self-confidence. He has introduced basic hygienic practices to his younger brother and family.  

Thank you for supporting this project and changing the lives and health of Rohan and all in his school and community. It means they will be healthier, less at risk from certain diseases, and more able to integrate into society without facing the stigma of looking 'poor' and 'low-caste'.

Your generosity is contributing to massive change for these individuals and the future of these villages.

May 12, 2014

Field Report - Rajya


It is always a privilege to meet the beneficiaries of our project.

Amongst the cramped squalor of the slums, which now house over a third of the city's population, I see how the lives of young women have been transformed through the work you are supporting.

One such young women is 25 year old mother Rajya. She tells me how the course allowed her the opportunity to see a world beyond her house, and the part of the slum she lived in.

"Before I didn’t go outside, I just used to stay here. Our men don’t let us go out... they wouldn’t even send us to work, and so in Rajennagar?

This lady came to us, and said they we’re running sewing classes, so I said ‘ok, I’ll have a look, I’ll try'."

When Rajya went to see the class, she saw there were other women and girls from her caste there, and that the teacher was "really kind". 

"And we’d chat, all of us, and there were all sorts, less wealthy girls, more wealthy girls, all there to learn how to sew. Then she taught us very well - explained things well."

Learning skills such as this helps the family financially, as well as helping the confidence of young women. Their value in the household is increased by their earning money.

"Now I sew at home, we get orders for clothes from outside. I can sew things for others, and I can get some help, my husband even helps me a little. And my husband likes it to that his 'Bibi' knows how to sew. He really likes it."

Of course, one of the main advantages of attending such a course is being able to leave the home environment and the slum, and interact with other women in a different space.

"It was really nice, talking with everyone, I was really happy. And I got the opportunity to go out."

Thanks so much for giving this invaluable opportunity to develop to young women such as Rajya. It wouldn't be possible without your generosity.

Feb 10, 2014

Gouri's happy and smiling in the creche

Gouri Smiling
Gouri Smiling

Gouri is 5. She lives with her 2 brothers, who are 7 and 4, her parents. She is physically handicapped, not able to use one leg, which means she finds a few things more difficult than other children. Her father and mother work in a farm. The NISD créche worker visited Gouri's home a few times, whenever she was in the village, and saw each time that she was alone with her brothers in the day, while her parents worked.

When the créche worker finally met Gouri's mother, she explained that there was a créche in the village, and the different facilities avaliable there. Her mother was worried, but she was worried about her daughter everyday anyway, hence she used to leave her with her brothers, who would take care of her food and drink. It wasn't a great system - and sometimes the social worker found Gouri hungry and thirsty. Gouri's mother agreed to enrol her in the créche, though she remained concerned.

Now Gouri regularly comes to the créche, has new friends, and recieves extra attention from the créche worker which is making up for her previous neglect. It was difficult in the beginning for Gouri, but now she sings songs, knows some rhymes and can count from 1 to 10. She's smiling and happy.

Her mother now goes to work without having to worry about her daughter's safety. Her father is also happy that she's no longer unattended, and her brother has now also enrolled, leaving her older brother free to go to school.

Thank you for helping Gouri and her family, in the early years of her life.

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