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CAASE addresses the culture, institutions, and individuals that perpetrate, profit from, or support sexual exploitation. Our work includes prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services.
May 10, 2012

Another Academic Year Closes...

Group Discussion
Group Discussion

“Another Academic Year Closes…”

 Progress Report on the Implementation of

CAASE’s Prevention Curriculum:

Empowering Young Men to End Sexual Exploitation

May, 2012

“I learned that over 90% of women involved with prostitution want to leave, but can’t.”

“I learned it can be harmful to disrespect women.”

“I will treat women, even if I don’t know them, with respect, because you never know what they may be going through, alone.”

“I will stop watching porn.”

“I will never go to strip clubs.”

“I will hold my friends accountable for their actions, and be more respectful and responsible myself.”

“We will plan a rally in this neighborhood to raise awareness.”


These are just some of the responses given by the young men who participated in Empowering Young Men to End Sexual Exploitation this year.  As the school year closes, CAASE can report that over 1,000 young men from 12 different schools in Chicago have participated in the 4-session curriculum.  Some of the teachers and counselors from these schools have reported that students have planned a variety of awareness-raising efforts, including neighborhood rallies and YouTube videos, as well as service projects like clothing drives for domestic violence shelters.  They have also noticed students in the halls and in the cafeteria holding each other accountable for their language and actions toward women.

In addition to Empowering Young Men…, CAASE has created and implemented Empowering Young Women… as a companion curriculum for schools with co-ed classes.  This year CAASE has also created several one-session workshops covering topics like trafficking, sexual harassment, consent, and masculinity which are becoming very popular.  During this spring alone, nearly 650 students—both young men and young women—have participated in the new workshops.

With your continued support of CAASE’s educational outreach, more and more young people are becoming aware of the problems that sexual violence and exploitation presents to their community.  As their awareness becomes action, violence and harm will slowly begin to decrease.  Thank you again for supporting our outreach efforts, because with support like yours we will be able to continue building a generation of allies who stand together against sexual harm.          

Individual Work
Individual Work
Feb 8, 2012

Analysis of the Curriculum's Evaluation

At the start of the 2011-2012 academic year, the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation brought on a new intern from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Kendra Harding is pursuing an MA in Forensic Psychology, and holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Iowa.  She has proved invaluable to the organization, and spent the fall putting her research expertise to good use by analyzing all of the student evaluations from the first year of the CAASE’s curriculum, “Empowering Young Men.”  She has compiled her findings in this comprehensive report.

In previous project reports, Education Outreach Associate Caleb Probst has used some of the data from the evaluations to illustrate the results of the program in the classroom.  Harding’s report, however, is the first comprehensive analysis of all the student responses from the first year of the program.  It is CAASE’s hope that her work will provide donors with detailed insight into the work they are doing every day in the classrooms of Chicago’s high schools. 

Thank you for your support of this work and of GlobalGiving!

Nov 22, 2011

Update November 2011- The Year So Far"

Progress Report on the Implementation of

CAASE’s New Prevention Curriculum:

Empowering Young Men to End Sexual Exploitation

The first three months of the current school year have been marked with several successes for the Education Outreach team at the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation.  We have added two new education interns to our team, and they have made valuable contributions to our effort to teach young people.  We have also expanded our curriculum offerings and have added another school to our list of partnerships.  Thank you for the generous support that has made the work possible. 

In addition to presenting Empowering Young Men to roughly 100 young men so far, the team has also presented workshops on gender inequality, sexual harassment, and consent.  We created these new workshops because schools requested additional programming, and the team was able to deliver.  This fall, CAASE’s educators have presented programs aimed at reducing all forms of gender-based violence to over 400 students.  The more we are presenting, the more schools are asking for us to work with their students, but we still need your help.

The requests for additional programming have created an additional goal.  In addition to increasing the numbers of students and schools to which we will present Empowering Young Men, CAASE has committed to creating supplemental workshops dealing with a variety of topics related to sexual exploitation and gender-based violence.  The workshops on gender, sexual harassment, and consent have been well-received, and we plan to add workshops to address pornography, pimping, and trafficking.

 By expanding the number of programming options, CAASE is simultaneously expanding the breadth of its impact.  This new school year is off to great start, and has shown us that schools are in need of our programs.  At the moment, however, we are not equipped to handle all of the requests from schools.  We need you now.  Please continue to support us and GlobalGiving in empowering and equipping young leaders to create a world filled with mutual respect and is free from sexual violence and harm.

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