Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness

1. ECCA will be a Model Professional Volunteer Organization (PVO) dedicated towards natural resources management 2. ECCA will organize programs so as to secure children's sound ecological future 3. ECCA will support the development of conservation related entrepreneurship
Oct 28, 2010

Project Update on Solar Tuki - October 2010

Locally Assembled 1 W LED Light
Locally Assembled 1 W LED Light

The following activities had been achieved till the end of October 2010:

• Discussion and meetings with Executive Committee members were done during this period. The discussions were mainly focused for the development of new strategy for the promotion of solar tuki in new locations.

• Emphasis on research & development to increase the efficiency of solar tuki as well as development of new products was also initiated during this period as per the suggestions from the local people and community. During this period, new products with brighter light efficiency were also developed and 2 youth were trained and engaged in the development of the product.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all the donor community and the GlobalGiving team for your continuous supports and encouragement for the promotion of this program. We anticipate for the same kind of support in future as well.

Locally Assembled 2 Watt LED Light
Locally Assembled 2 Watt LED Light
Sep 14, 2010

Project Update - September 2010

The following activities had been achieved till the end of September 2010:

Developed Strategy for Mini WATA and standard WATA : To focus the margins and profitability of the delivery systems of WATASOL (chlorine solution), the strategy for Mini WATA and Standard WATA was developed to promote the WATASOL approach into a franchising model. These plans include the production and distribution plan of WATASOL in schools and communities in three sizes flasks: 1000ml, 200ml, 50ml, investment, no. of months for the payback of the investments and sharing of income among the stakeholders.

Implementation of project in different districts of Nepal: ECCA has reached eight districts; Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Morang, Jhapa, Rupandhehi, Accham and Chitwan for the implementation of safe drinking water program and is planning to reach several other districts in future. Till September 15, 2010 ECCA has already implemented safe drinking water program in 29 schools, 3 community drinking water supply system, 1 Hospital in Accham, 13 communities and also implemented 3 Entrepreneur model in different parts of Nepal.

WATASOL (Chlorine Solution) Distribution to Flood Victims ECCA produced Chlorine solution in its office premises for the relief of flood victims during the time of the flood disaster in the month of August, 2008 in Eastern Nepal. ECCA prepared 20-litres of WATASOL, filled it in two 10-litre Jerry Cans distribute it in the areas where flood victims were having the water borne diseases. The supplied WATASOL was sufficient enough to treat 80,000 litres of water. Therefore the device can also be very much helpful in combating the waterborne diseases during the time of disasters. As long as the WATASOL production unit is nearer to disaster areas, the quicker supply of WATASOL can be provided, hence reducing the number of patients and death tolls. Therefore the chlorination device has also acted as a life-saver, being able to go among people facing hazard of waterborne diseases

Orientation and Training conduction in schools and communities: Nearly 250 people from schools, the community drinking water supply system and the community were trained in production and quality control of chlorine and drinking water. Around 3000 people were sensitized on chlorine as a simple alternative technique of water disinfection.

Developed supporting materials for the promotion of WATASOL: For the promotion of WATASOL, ECCA has already developed some supporting materials such as flasks (50ml, 200ml and 1000ml), stickers, posters, flex, flyers, information board, t-shirts, caps, bags and flip charts.

Organized different Events: ECCA has organized different programs in schools as well as in communities to create awareness on water purification through chlorination. In Lalit Kalyan Kendra Lower Secondary School of Lalitpur a one day program on speech competition was organized. In July 2010, an inter-school drama competition was organized for the schools of Eastern Nepal and similar program was also organized for the schools of Kathmandu Valley in Sep 6-8, 2010.

Implementation of Safe Drinking Water program in slum areas of Kathmandu Valley To overcome water and sanitation problem in the slum areas, ECCA has also started program on safe drinking water in the slum of Kathmandu Valley. ECCA is promoting WATASOL in the slum area for water disinfection as well as for sanitation. WATASOL is produced by using WATA device and distributed in 50ml, 200ml and 1000ml bottles. Till September 15, 2010, ECCA has promoted WATASOL in 10 different slums of Nepal.

Coordination with different NGO’s: The Safe Drinking Water program is implementing in different new places with the support of different NGO’s. ECCA and Rotary Club of Patan jointly organized one day training for different schools of Lalitpur on June 2010. The program was also started in Bhandara, Chitwan (around 170km from Kathmandu). A one-day training on the use of Chlorinator was conducted in the month of July, in coordination with Shanti Griha, a not-for-profit organization, established in 2001, working with a multi - pronged approach addressing human beings spiritual, physical, intellectual, as well as development needs.

Aug 3, 2010

Project Updates - August 2010

Community Charging Center
Community Charging Center

The following activities had been achieved till the end of July 2010:

• Establishment & Support for Community Charging Center, Chitwan: A Community Charging center has been established at the kantipur village of Chitwan District. Near about 50 household without connection of national grid electricity are benefited through the establishment of the center. Two persons from the village were trained as well as equipped with the necessary equipments for operating the community charging center in the village. The graph of Gross Happiness Index of the village people seems to be in increasing trend.

• Technical Training for Youths On the job trainings were provided for 5 youths of different areas of Nepal. After skilled with the assembling of solar tuki, they were also equipped through a set of tools to provide repair and maintenance service in their village respectively.

• Coordination with Government Authorities and different NGO’s: One week Solar Light Assembling Training has been organized for women representatives from different women’s group. The training was coordinated with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City Office. The main objectives of the training were to develop skilled workers to manufacture solar tuki and solar lights for the promotion in urban areas as well as in rural areas. Similarly, 3 days technical training for different women groups of Butwal in coordination with WATCH had been organized. The youth trainee from ECCA had provided the training for the womens from different local groups. For the promotion of solar tuki in high hills, coordination with LACCOS (NGO formed by the active local youths) has been ongoing.

Thanks to all the donors who has been contributing for the promotion and successful implementation of our programs. Thanks for all your effort in enabling us to reach in the rural areas where there is a real need of support to change in their livelihoods.

Assembling Training for Womens
Assembling Training for Womens
Students using solar tuki for their study
Students using solar tuki for their study
Use of Solar tuki during preparing evening meal
Use of Solar tuki during preparing evening meal
Smile created by Solar Tuki in Womens
Smile created by Solar Tuki in Womens

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