Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness

1. ECCA will be a Model Professional Volunteer Organization (PVO) dedicated towards natural resources management 2. ECCA will organize programs so as to secure children's sound ecological future 3. ECCA will support the development of conservation related entrepreneurship
Jan 23, 2012

Project update - Support-A-Child (Case Study), Jan 12

In Nepal, the fiscal year of school starts in the mid of April. Students get admitted in different schools as per their interest, accessibility, infrastructure as well as the quality of education provided in the school. Schools in Nepal are categorized as Government School (financially supported and managed by government of Nepal) and Private Boarding Schools (financially self sustained through charging higher fees for the educating students). The education systems in private boarding schools are preferred by most of the people as they adopt modern teaching methods and techniques. But, as the government schools are funded and managed by the government, the education system is poor comparatively to private boarding schools. The education at the government schools are provided for free. Hence, the parents who seek quality education for their children and could afford, send their children in private boarding schools.

Shree Minnath Lower Secondary School is one of the schools supported by the government of Nepal. Education to the students enrolled in this school is free, but, students need to purchase their books and stationary by themselves. Susma Bista (a girl) is studying at this school at grade eight. Unknown about her father, she has been raised by her mother with one younger brother and sister. Although talented among other students in the classroom, she was about to drop her school. But, with the scholarship support from ECCA in this fiscal year, she has rejoined the school and currently studying in the school. Her mother is very proud of her as she is the best student in her class.

The distribution of scholarship and educational support to students of different schools had reduced the dropout rate of students from schools. Students are provided the basic education, which is the basic necessity at the current stage. With the support of various donors from GlobalGiving as well as funds raised through various programs and events, we are trying our best to help the students like Susma Bista and others.

Hence, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all our donors, supporters, well-wishers and the GlobalGiving team for your continuous support in our initiation. We would also like to request you to disseminate the information of our program in your circle so as to raise funds and support the education of needy students. We hope for your feedback, comments and suggestion regarding our program at ecca@mos.com.np so that we could implement our
program more effectively.


Angel Chitrakar
Program Officer

Jan 23, 2012

Project Update - Solar Tuki, Jan 2012

With the beginning of New Year 2012, hopes for the rural people to get a better lighting solution during evening hours are very low. The main reason is due to increase in demand for electricity in urban areas, limited construction and development of hydro power projects, remoteness for the extension of electricity cables. The one and only option to get the light during evening hours for the rural people is through solar lighting system. Hence, the popularity of solar tuki and solar lighting system in rural areas are in increasing trend.

On December 2011, a field visit to Dolkha District was made to explore the possibilities for the promotion of solar tuki. Dolkha District lies in the eastern region of Nepal and is one of the district with settlements in the hilly region. Discussions with the officials of District Development Committee and local organization representatives, to identify the need and the areas for promotion of solar tuki were made. A request for the promotion of solar tuki in Khopacha Village had also been received. As the community are not in the state to pay the upfront cost of solar tuki, installation of a community charging center is in progress.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the team of GlobalGiving for your continuous support and all our donors for your continuous support in our initiation towards eradicating kerosene lamp from rural areas of Nepal and promoting safe and clean lighting option to rural household. We would also like to request you to send us your feedback, comments and suggestion regarding our program at ecca@mos.com.np, so that we could implement our programs more effectively.

Dec 22, 2011

Project Update - Safe Water, Dec 2011

Act play performed by the students
Act play performed by the students

Namaste, and Seasonal Greetings to all our donors, well-wishers and supporters from ECCA, Nepal. In the past months from October to December 11, we had been able to accomplish following activities;

  • Expansion of Safe water campaign in more district of Nepal

From December onwards, we are implementing Safe Drinking Water Program in 3 schools of Kavre, in coordination with an German Nepalese Help Association (GNHA).

  • Door to Door Campaign

In most of the slum areas, people are using chlorinated water distributed from community water distribution systems. But there are many households who are not using water from the community water distribution system. Hence, targeting those households, a series of door to door campaign was organized in the month of November in different slum areas so as to aware the households regarding the need and importance of using chlorinated water.

  • Training on the use of Chlorinator

A training program on the use of chlorinator was conducted on 5th December 2011 at Binayak Bal Lower Secondary School, Badal Goan Kavre in coordination with GNHA. Altogether 26 participants from different schools participated in the training program. The program included a brief presentation on the water purification methods. It included various data related to water borne diseases in the context of world and in Nepal, the reasons behind different water borne diseases, the need of water purification and the utility of WATASOL for water purification as well as sanitation etc.

  • Handover of the responsibility of social promotion to the schools

For the sustainability and continuity of the programs at the community level for the long run, efficient and effective transfer of information is essential. Hence, after the proper inspection and guidance of all the necessary criteria for handover, ECCA handed over the responsibility of social promotion and distribution of the WATASOL in the community to the schools. However, ECCA will provide the support services that would be required for the schools in social promotion.

  • 2nd Inter School Drama Competition

With an objective to make aware communities about safe drinking water and sanitation, different water purification methods and to prevent the communities from water borne disease, ECCA organized 2nd Inter School Street Drama Competition on Nov-Dec 2011 in coordination with 10 different schools. A total of 50 street dramas were performed in different 10 communities within Kathmandu valley by the students of 50 schools. The grand finale of the competition is schedule on 20th January 2012 among the winner schools from different 10 communities. And the top three performers at the grand finale program will be awarded with the cash prize.

  • WATASOL stall in Street Drama Competition

Nature Club students of street Drama co-organizer schools had placed WATASOL stall in the community where the drama was performed and distributed WATASOL to the community people.

  • Follow up in the schools and entrepreneurs

Regular monitoring and follow up visits were done in all the schools and communities where Mini WATA and Standard WATA device have been provided. During such visits, quality of WATASOL and drinking water is checked and possible programs for the promotion of WATASOL is discussed with concerned persons.

  • Published articles in Newsletter 

Articles related to the WATASOL and 2nd Inter School Drama competition was published in December issue of Ecokhabar (Quarterly Newsletter of ECCA).

  • Installation of information boards at different sales outlet at Bungamati Lalitpur

To disseminate information about the availability of WATASOL, information boards were installed in different sales outlet situated at Bungamati, Lalitpur.


With the above notes, I would like to express my gratitude towards all our donors and supporters for the program as well as the GlobalGiving team for your continuous backup. We anticipate for the same kind of cooperation and support in the days coming ahead as well as seek your suggestion and guidance for the productive outcome regarding the program in future. I also hope for your small response about your feeling so as to encourage us. You could also drop in your response at ecca@mos.com.np.

Door to Door promotion campaign on Safe Water
Door to Door promotion campaign on Safe Water
Street Act - To generate awareness at local level
Street Act - To generate awareness at local level
Street Act - To generate awareness at local level
Street Act - To generate awareness at local level
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