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To support the Good Samaritan Children's Home and to educate others throughout the world about the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.
Mar 29, 2011

Shoes for Shoes

Quality shoes are required for children attending school in Kenya.  This is for reasons of health, protecting the children from disease, dirt and cuts. Good shoes also add to moral in the classroom.  Having a pair of polished shoes in good condition is also a tradition of the British school system.  (Kenya was a British colony for many years.)  In England I saw a head master line up his students to inspect their shoes, chastising those students with scuffed or worn footwear. 

Fabulous African Fabris sponsors several garage sales each year to raise funds for The Good Samaritan Children's Home.  This year we appealed to friends, church members, and Rotarians to donate their shoes to the cause. The funds raised from the sale of the shoes was donated to project 7377.  Spike heels, running shoes, sandals, oxfords and  boots ran out the garage door in Lakewood, CA. At $2.00 each pair, FAF raised $50.00 for the project, providing 5 new pairs of shoes for the children at the school.  Now new intake children and those who have worn out or outgrown their shoes will not have to wait to have a completed school uniform and can join the others in class. 


Mar 21, 2011

Kenyan Boarding Schools

The Teens from The Good Samaritan Children's Home attend several different secondary schools: public schools, trade schools, and boarding schools.  Boarding schools are located away from Nairobi and offer teens a superior education.  This is good for educational goals, but somewhat leaves the children on their own.  During visiting days parents are encouraged to visit.  Since the children have no parents, this produces a lonely time for the teen.  Director of the Good Samaritan Home, Mercy Thuo states that the Home tries to send a person the teen knows to visit the school and child, but with workers so busy and scarce, this is a rare occurrence.  We would like to provide volunteers who could become pen pals of these children and/or volunteer at The Good Samaritan Home, freeing a worker to make a visit to the child's school.  

Jan 2, 2011

Congratulations New Form 1 Students

Good Samaritan Home Director Mercy Thuo and her staff reported December 30 about the new high students who start their first year in February.  Because of the high marks in the national test that the children have received, The Good Samaritan Home in Mathare Slum, Nairobi tries to place them out of the slum and into boarding schools which provide a quality education.

Mercy writes:  We are waiting to take new form one [freshmen] to school come February 2011.  Mostly we take them to boarding schools.  This is an episode which requires more money because of buying personal effects, beddings, mattresses, transport, stationary, etc. 

They had good performance in their national examinations.

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