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The mission of EFA International is to promote the successful future of African children, youth and families affected by HIV and AIDS through education, enterprise, and empowerment. EFA International is working towards this mission by empowering young people with the skills, resources, and support they need to live positive and healthy lives.
Oct 31, 2013

Huge strides forward in the Lake Chad Basin

Community sensitization event in Yagoua
Community sensitization event in Yagoua

It’s been an exciting few months for EFA’s newest association, AJUPS in Yagoua!

Since achieving its legalization in April, the inspiring members of AJUPS have worked incredibly hard to establish their operations, plan for their future financial stability and build their capacity to educate their community about living positively with HIV/AIDS.  Having completed EFA’s Peer Educator training, made possible by your contributions, fourteen AJUPS members are now working as qualified Peer Educators in their region.  A recent evaluation by EFA’s partner organization, PAIBLT or the Projet d’Appui a l’Initiative du Bassin du Lac Tchad­ (The HIV/AIDS Support Network of the Lake Chad Basin), estimated that these early efforts have already reached nearly 800 local young people, with over 60% of the neighborhoods in Yagoua already having benefited from a Peer Educator visit. 

One of the most exciting things to see in the AJUPS experience is how the association has benefited from EFA’s work with local partners in the area. We have already seen the Department of Social Affairs in Yagoua give AJUPS a space in their office, free of charge. Our local partner, PAIBT, has also given AJUPS a donation of two kiosques and approximately 5,000 condoms which the association hopes to sell – at 100% profit! – as an income generating activity in the future. 

The young members of AJUPS Yagoua have made incredible progress in only six short months. We can’t wait to see what they are capable of doing in the future!

Aug 26, 2013

Optimism and potential


We at Education Fights AIDS are in the optimism business. Of course, there are lots of reasons for optimism in the fight against HIV: greater availability of life-saving medications, effective prevention of transmission of HIV from a mother to her child, and increased political will around the world to fund HIV prevention and treatment efforts. Our optimism makes us tireless and relentless.  We will not tire in our fight to support our friends in Cameroon who are living with HIV nor will we relent in our efforts to educate their communities and participate in HIV prevention efforts.  

The Circle of Love project is a testament to our optimism.  

We believe in the potential of our association members.  Life-saving medications will help them to realize their potential.   If you recall, I had a visit from Pehlem in June.  She came to the United States as a part of a United States Department of State program called the International Foreign Leaders Program. She was chosen to participate because of her inspiring work with EFA. During Pehlem's recent visit, I heard all about how our association members are realizing their potential. Of course, Pehlem is a prime example.  In my excitement about her visit, couldn't help but think about when I first met Pehlem nearly five years ago.  Five years ago she probably wouldn't have imagined that her life would have brought her to the United States. Five years ago she probably wouldn't have imagined that her daughter has a chance at college.  Through the support and commradarie offered by Education Fights AIDS, Pehlem has been able to realize her potential.

Before she came to visit, I thought about how much she has changed and grown in the last five years. After her visit, I am filled with boundless optimism for what Pehlem is going to bring to the world in the years to come.  

With your support of the Circle of Love, you are proving your optimism and believing in the potential of our association members.  Thank you! 




Jun 21, 2013

Update from Cameroon

Alim, Country Represenative, presenting new poster
Alim, Country Represenative, presenting new poster

EFA International's associations, Peer Educators, and staff have been busy these last few months! First, we are proud to report that Peer Educator extraordinaire, Pehlem, spent a month in the US as an invitee to the prestigious US State Department's "International Visitor Leadership Program."  She had a fantastic experience and is excited to take what she learned while visiting NGO's, health organizations, and government entities in the US, home to Cameroon to share. Congratulations Pehlem!

Staff and Peer Educators made visits to Yagoua and Moutourwa for community outreach, and gathered for six intensive days of training to refresh their messaging to their communities, and to learn how to incorporate new material into their presentations. We also had a visit from the new Peace Corps Director, Jackie Sasonga!  And Technical Assistant Soureya Oumarou travelled up to Kousseri, on the Chadian border, to visit the AJUBS association to establish an executive committee and to present the new educational posters EFA printed with funds from PEPFAR, VSO, Peace Corps, and YOU! 

The large posterboards were printed as a tool to aid in community presentations - a visual presenation of our health messages intended to make the lessons more impactful for a larger audience.  The messages pertaining to health and HIV/AIDS prevention have already proven to be invaluable!  Alim Ousmanu, Cameroon Country Representative, presented the new materials to Peer Educators from each association who gathered in Maroua for an educational session about how to effectively incorporate the posters into their community outreach. 

Thank you for your continued support. We are together! Nous Sommes Ensemble!

Peer Educators with new health posters
Peer Educators with new health posters
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