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Our mission is to conserve the exceptionally rich fauna and flora of the Russian Far East, the only region where Amur tigers and leopards survive in the wild. These magnificent animals are threatened by habitat deterioration, poaching of the big cats themselves and depletion of their prey populations.
Oct 29, 2012

One ATV finally bought for Zov Tigra

In June 2012 Phoenix Fund finally purchased the first ATV for the Zov Tigra Natonal Park with the sponsorship of Healthy Planet. The vehicle already have been used by the anti-poaching team of the park and showed great performance. This means that at least two more ATVs would be extremely useful for law-enforcement service of the protected area. Therefore, Phoenix Fund continues to do fundraising for the ATV from the GlobalGiving supporters. We are very grateful for everyone who already donated for this project.

“From June to September 2012, the law-enforcement rangers of the Zov Tigra National Park conducted 12 many-days anti-poaching patrols, - says the director of the Park Yuri Bersenev, - Seventeen administrative citations were issued during this time for illegal fishing and trespassing. The good news is there were no poachers in the patrolled territories of the national park. The ATV kindly provided by the Healthy Planet became a very effective patrol vehicle. It allowed the rangers to get in the most remote and hard to access parts of the protected area. It showed greater performance in the mountainous landscape than the motorcycles and cars. We are very happy with this purchase and hope it will serve the park long helping protect an important tiger habitat. But we have two mobile teams that patrol different parts of the park which means we need another highly efficient vehicle for the second team disposal.”

“The Grizzly ATV became a truly irreplaceable transport for our everyday work, - comments the law-enforcement officer of the Zov Tigra National Park Sergei Marchenko, - It can take up to two people with 80 kg of the equipment to the patrol. In the first months of work we already were able to get to the arduous areas with no roads, cross the Milogradovka river fords. Now poachers who are very well equipped these days have no advantage and it is especially important in the autumn season when hunters go to forest to harvest wild game. ”

Aug 2, 2012

Five months in the rehabilitation center

Almost five months spent the survivor tiger cub in the recently built rehabilitation center.

With generous donations from our supporters on GlobalGiving the Phoenix Fund provides the Inspection Tiger that is responsible for rehabilitation of the tigress funds to feed and nurse the animal.  To observe the condition of the cub two video cameras were installed in the enclosure. Unfortunately these cameras do not allow for making tapes yet and only let the specialist to oversee the tigress on monitors in real-time mode. The cub is growing fast and is being prepared for the release into the wild appointed for spring 2013.

The Phoenix Fund would like to thank everyone who supports this project and makes it possible for the rare cat to survive and have a hope for successful life in the wild in near future. With only 450 Amur tigers left in the wild worldwide, every individual is precious and we have to put best of our effort to ensure its survival.

Thank you!

Jul 31, 2012

Protection of the Leopard Land

Arrested poacher
Arrested poacher

In June, the South team of the Land of the Leopard protected area conducted 23 anti-poaching patrols in order to prevent and detect any crimes in the protected area and adjacent territories. Most of patrols were carried out on the southern part of Leopardovy Wildlife Refuge and south-western part of Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve. 

While patrolling the assigned territory, at twilight night on June 26 the team spotted a group of people hunting illegally with the use of spotlight in Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve. After a short pursuit, the inspectors caught one of the violators with a headlight in his hands. But his mate put up resistance, used his firearm threatening and shooting in the direction of the inspectors, and finally managed to escape. The detained poacher was taken to Khasan police station for further investigation. No other violations were revealed in June.

In addition to anti-poaching activities, the South team continued supplying salt to the salt-licks and setting up information boards and warning signs along the borders of Leopardovy Wildlife Refuge, especially in areas where a huge influx of tourists and holidaymakers was expected.

Besides, the inspectors gathered information on the presence of wildlife. Thus, they found leopard tracks (6.3 cm paw width) on the north-western border of Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve. Also, they heard tiger roaring within a distance of 30 meters during a foot patrol along the Upper Brusya River.

There was a call from a farmer who informed about a leopard attack on his calf. The team went to the scene to verify the obtained information. Upon arrival at the deer farm, the inspectors could not find positive proof of livestock depredation.  

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