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Our mission is to conserve the exceptionally rich fauna and flora of the Russian Far East, the only region where Amur tigers and leopards survive in the wild. These magnificent animals are threatened by habitat deterioration, poaching of the big cats themselves and depletion of their prey populations.
Dec 9, 2011

The center is ready for use

Transporting tiger to rehabilitation center
Transporting tiger to rehabilitation center

"The rehabilitation center is already constructed and is almost completely ready for use. Now experts finish last preparations before it will be opened for the first animals", - the director of rehabilitation center told us.

As he said, open-air cages of the new rehabilitation center are constructed on territory of three hectares, and this is the largest construction of this kind in Russia. The big territory of nursery will provide possibility for successful rehabilitation of wild animals before release into the wild.

The center will accomodate not only tigers, but also other endangered and rare animal species, including, possibly, the Amur leopard. To date two office buildings are ready – for security and for attendants. The creation of several more buildings where scientists will work is planned for later.

Before, all conflict, sick and orphaned tigers found in Primorski Krai were send to the temporary center of the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, or to the Khabarovsk center "Utes". Unfortunately, every year the number of orphaned tiger cubs grows because of poaching, and creation of the proper rehabilitation center in Primorski Krai was very important for ensuring the future of these tigers.

Dec 9, 2011

New patrol team established in Leopard Land

New team places reserve sign
New team places reserve sign

We hope all of our supportes are doing well and would like to inform you about the creation of new anti-poaching team within the law-enforcement service of Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve and Leopardovy Wildlife Refuge (KP). In October 2011, a newly established "Border team" of 5 inspectors started to patrol the protected area (PA). It's very good news that KP inspectors can now patrol the PA along and behind its boarder. One of the key points was that the Border group will work with MIST patrol monitoring system. The team has two vehicles and Grizzly ATV. It is partially secured with equipment but there are lots of what is needed for the team to conduct their activities at full capacity. We would appreciate your continuos support of our important project.

Meanwhyle, in November, the South team continued anti-poaching work and to conducted 26 anti-poaching patrols  on the southern part of Leopardovy Wildlife Refuge and adjacent territories. Most of the patrols were carried out on foot at daytime. During the first half of the month the team continued putting out forest fires inside the protected area and on adjoining territories. Additionally, the team members read lectures at local school to foster positive children’s attitude towards nature.

On November 16, during a routine patrol near the Brusya river the team spotted footprints left by two persons on fresh blanket of clean white snow. After a 4-hour pursuit, the inspectors detained two residents of Slavyanka with a smoothbore, cartridges, backpack and a knife.  The detainees were taken to Kasansky police station for further investigation. Later it was determined that the men were brought to the protected area by a traffic police officer. The case is still under investigation. No more violations were revealed by the team in November. In general, the autumn 2011 was rather calm season; however after first snow fallen in the second half of November more and more people directed their steps into the forest. The team decided to increase the frequency of patrols in order to prevent or reveal trespassing.

During a foot patrol near Bomburovo railway station the inspectors found tracks left by two tigers (9-cm and 11.5-cm paw width). Also, they discovered leopard tracks (7 cm paw width) on the roadside.

Dec 7, 2011

Uncontrolled felling of trees

Inspectors issue sitation
Inspectors issue sitation

In October, the inspectors of “South” and “North” teams of Zov Tigra National Park were on regular duties and carried out five anti-poaching patrols.

In October, the South team spent 21 patrols days in the field and covered 226 km on foot and 82 km by motor vehicles, checked four wooden lodges, six people, revealed five violations, issued three administrative citations and imposed fines totaling 4,000 roubles ($133). Below, please read short description of the field work.

On October 11-20, the South team headed towards the Kovarny stream in order to prevent or reveal illegal logging of Korean pine. During the many-day patrol, the inspectors found two nut grinding machines abandoned in the forest. No person was found there. The machines were dismantled.  On October 16, the inspectors stopped a man for gathering nuts illegally in the park and issued a citation upon him.

From October 21-25, the team continued patrolling the assigned territory. On October 23, while patrolling along the Kamensky stream the inspectors found footprints left by wild plant gatherers and remnants of their camp. No violators were discovered.

During a three-day patrol between October 26 and October 28, the inspectors stopped two men who were harvesting nuts illegally in the park, issued two citations upon the violators and seized 600 cones. The violators were made to pay a fine.

From October 29 through October 31 the team carry on patrolling the assigned territory. No violations were revealed.


In November 2011, an offbeat incident occured in the PA. While clearing a public road, unknown persons destroyed over thousands of trees in Zov Tigra National Park. They allegedly tried to clear a way to a site where they planned to build a hunters’ recreation centre.  Yuri Berseniev, director of the national park, addressed to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation and Environmental Prosecutor’s Office regarding the fact of uncontrolled felling of trees. Immediately upon receiving the information, specialists from the Prosecutor’s Office, Forest Management Service and regional Department of Rosprirodnadzor[1] went to scene to check the obtained information and investigate the case.


[1] Rosprirodnadzor – Russia’s Federal Service for Supervising Natural Resources

Illegal felling of trees
Illegal felling of trees
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