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The Fundacion Proacceso is a nonprofit that uses the educational benefits of technology to catalyze the social and economic development of marginalized communities in Mexico. It envisions a world where everyone is digitally included and empowered by access to education.
Dec 10, 2012

English Course for 10 Mexican scientists

Young Scientists group at the RIA
Young Scientists group at the RIA

A big thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to improve the English skills of our budding scientists! Through a collaboration with Intel’s Clubhouse program in Mexico, we were able to provide ten young scientists with scholarships for English courses at the RIA (Learning and Innovation Network). These students are between the ages of 12-15 and are studying a range of scientific disciplines in school ranging from biology to mechanics.  

Learning to speak English through these courses will teach these students to become engaged, digital citizens with a voice that will allow them to compete in an increasingly globalized world. This project will also promote skill-sharing within families and in turn, improve the socioeconomic prospects for entire communities.

Donations like yours support our mission of bridging the digital divide in Mexico by providing low-income communities with quality educational opportunities and access to digital technologies. Your support has and will continue to play a key role in our success. We thank you for your generosity and look forward to a continuing partnership with you.

 Student testimonials

What was your experience like learning English in the RIA?

Very good and I learned a lot but I want to learn more. I want to take advantage of these opportunities that don’t often occur.

 Diego Alfonso Jacobo Merino, 14 years old


Really cool because I learn many different things and then I can teach them to with my family.

Alexis Eduardo Mendez Hernandez, 12 years old


Fun and rewarding, I want to learn more.

Rene Uriel Siles Hernandez, 13 years old


Well this time learning English has been very good because I've been with my friends and having fun.

Juan Antonio Siles Hernandez, 15 years old


How do you think it will help you in the future?

It will help me a lot in school and at work; it's something essential.

 Diego Alfonso Jacobo Merino , 14 years old


It will help me get a good job.

Luis Fernando Vazquez Gonzalez, 14 years old


It will help in many ways. English is a universal language and I want to learn more!

Alexis Eduardo Mendez Hernandez, 12 years old


It will help me when I travel to other places where they speak English.

Rene Uriel Siles Hernandez 13


English is a universal language spoken all over the world and now I can talk with more people.

Juan Antonio Siles Hernandez, 15 años

Aspiring scientists at the RIA
Aspiring scientists at the RIA
Bruno and Viviane reading
Bruno and Viviane reading


Oct 25, 2012

Victor and his grandchild learning computing

Thanks to the support we have received on GlobalGiving´s platform our project Access to Technology and Education in Mexico has more and more users. In this project report we would like to introduce you to Victor Manuel Rosado, a dedicated and enthusiastic 63 year old RIA user who convinced his grandchild Victor Alejandro Arvisu to enroll and learn computing at the RIA.

In June this year, Victor Rosado went to the RIA (Learning and Innovation Network) Center located in Huixquilucan a municipality in the State of Mexico, and decided to enroll in Acércate a Open Office, a course intended for people that want to get closer to write texts, make presentations and know who to use a spreadsheet.

Let´s read what this proud grandfather has to say about his experience

“When I go to other organizations I feel they don´t respect me, at a certain moment I started to feel old and I am not old. The RIA is a nonprofit project created with the aim of helping. I brought my grandchild so that he can have a structured knowledge about the computer. I encourage him by reminding him that when I´m stuck I want him to help me out, that makes him more interested. Last but not least, being up to date is part of life; people start to get old when they are out of touch with new technology

As you can see here a very proud grandfather!

Thanks for your contribution!


Queremos agradecerles el apoyo dado a nuestros proyecto Access to Tecnology and Education in Mexico. Queremos presentarles a Victor Manuel Rosado un orgulloso abuelo de 63 años que va junto con su nieto al centro RIA (Red de Innovación y Aprendizaje) ubicado en el municipio de Huixquilucan, en el Estado de México.

Desde junio de este año Victor se inscribió a nuestro curso Acércate a Open Office y dos meses más tarde convenció a su nieto Victor Alejandro Arvisu, de 11 años, para que se inscribiera también en el curso Descubre la compu.

Conozcan la historia de este orgulloso abuelo y activo usuario de la tecnología.

¡Gracias por tu contribución!


Sep 7, 2012

Four aspiring scientists to study English at RIA

E-flyer to encourage scientists to study English
E-flyer to encourage scientists to study English

Thanks to all of you who have supported our project in GlobalGiving, we are going to be able to help four aspiring young scientists learn English. This will help them gain access to better schools and be able to share their understanding of science with their communities and their country.

Who are they? They are students aged 15 – 21 from marginalized communities in Mexico who are participating in Mexico’s National Science Fair in October 2012.

We designed an e-flyer to spread the word to all the young scientists and encourage them to share their thoughts on the importance of learning English and of course be part of the RIA community by enrolling in our English course. Through this project, we aim to draw attention to the importance of learning English so that we can motivate students to strengthen their academic performance and use their talents to give back to their families and communities. We will also try to help them prepare for the best international competitions in their field.

So far we have received 4 scholarship applications that we will be able to provide thanks to your generosity. We want to share some excerpts from their application essays with you:


In my case it is almost mandatory to learn English. My academic background and research interest in Nanotechonology mean that English is of utmost importance if I want to have access to scientific articles, specialized magazines, and the most influential books in my field. Ever since I decided to get involved in science, I was aware of the importance of English. That is why I am studying and working at the same time to be able to afford an English course someday.

-Juan Carlos Reyes, 22, Student from Tecamac

I am interested in learning English because nowadays its the language that is spoken all over the world. It would allow me to access specialized books and software that are available only in English. This would help me stay on the cutting edge of Science. Although I already have some basic knowledge, I would like to perfect my English language skills so that one day I can study a post-graduate degree abroad.

- Mario Ángel López Juárez, 23, Student from Cuautitlán Izcalli

We are looking forward to receiving more great stories about how learning English is important to improve these scientists’ future!

Many thanks


En mi caso es más que importante aprender inglés, por mi formación académica y de investigador, incursionando en la ciencia de la Nanotecnología, el saber inglés es una obligación. Todos los artículos de investigación científica, revistas y libros más influyentes solo existen en ese idioma. Desde que quise involucrarme en esta ciencia sabía de la exigencia del ingles, es por ello que estudio y trabajo para poder algún día llegar a solventar un curso de este idioma.

-Juan Carlos Reyes, 22 años , estudiante en Tecamac.


Me interesa aprender inglés ya que hoy en día es el idioma que más se habla en todo el mundo. Me gustaría aprender Inglés para poder tener acceso a libros especializados y a software que se desarrollan principalmente en este idioma, esto me ayudaría a estar a la vanguardia. A pesar de que tengo conocimientos básicos del idioma, me gustaría dominarlo a la perfección ya que en mis planes está el poder realizar algún posgrado en el extranjero.

- Mario Ángel López Juárez, 23, estudiante en Cuautitlán Izcalli


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