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Expanding Opportunities' mission is to increase self-sufficiency and cultural awareness through educational and charitable projects for people nationally and internationally. It is a broad mission designed to be clear enough to guide and flexible enough to respond to a variety of human need.
Sep 15, 2011

Words from Joseph Ndegwa at JWHS

Ndegwa in school uniform
Ndegwa in school uniform

Here are some lightly edited words from Joseph Ndegwa, a young boy at JWHS.  Joseph has been with us for a couple years.  He was brought to us through the Children's Department. With a difficult childhood, malnutritioned, and interrupted education, he is now well settled in the HOME. As his education has been very poor, please forgive the errors as we lightly edit. 

"Hi, i would like to send my warm greetings to you. Hope is come like came the support. Lord very you so you with many blessings. 

We are doing well at home.At first we were boys but now we is home.

Thank you very much."

From Joseph Ndegwa

Joseph Ndegwa
Joseph Ndegwa


Sep 2, 2011

Summer 2011 is Gone!

The three who built their first waterproof shelter
The three who built their first waterproof shelter

Summer 2011 passed so quickly!  It was a wonderful year!  There were many new campers and several children were able to attend this unique experience because of friends, relatives and donors. Three campers obtained their Eagle Shelter badge. They worked hard to build a lean-to style shelter. As the shelter must be waterproof, nature cooperated and sent a deluge!  Their shelter remained DRY!  They slept in the shelter on the next overnight. Now we move into the fall homeschool season with groups of home schoolers coming to learn and extend the summer.

Camp may be relatively quiet but the administration is not.  We need to refill the Campership Fund to allow more low-income children to attend in 2012.


Aug 22, 2011

Ending the year with the KCSE

A Sample KCSE results Slip
A Sample KCSE results Slip

September begins the final term for this school year in Kenya.  Once this term has begun, there will be many requests for assistance to help a student finish and graduate from High School.  There are extra fees during this time and though families are aware of the fees, they have been unable to save up to pay them.  The drought in Kenya has forced food and other prices up to never before seen limits.  Therefore it is possible even excellent high school senior will be unable to pay their KCSE examination fee. 

The KCSE is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. The examination takes place in November and covers the 12 years of school the student has completed.  The scores on this examination determine the student's vocational and educational future.  It is given only once during the year and does have fees attached.  If the student cannot pay the fees they cannot take the examination and will have to repeat their last year of high school in its entirety to retake the examination the following year.

We have a very small amount of funding for a few examination fees.  Your assistance now will be applied to the account of High School seniors for their examination fees. I will post the student stories on Global Giving.

Any amount over the fees will be saved for student fees and uniforms for the 2012 school year.


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