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Our Mission is: To turn back the tide of the global AIDS epidemic through innovative community responses that increase the effectiveness of prevention and care efforts. Our Vision is: A world where the AIDS epidemic is in continuous retreat, and people living with HIV/AIDS have access to loving care and treatment in an environment free of stigma and discrimination.
Jul 13, 2012

A Report on Power of Love's Project "Health Care for HIV Positive Children in Zambia"

Our work with HIV positive children in Zambia is possible due to support from donors like you. We would like to say a big Thank You to you for enabling us to provide food, medicines, and a package of life-saving health care services to HIV positive children in the Matero compound in Lusaka, Zambia. The package of health care services includes weekly health check-ups from community health workers, regular visits from the Project Nurse, psychosocial counseling, education in HIV prevention, and adherence monitoring and training for older children. In addition, we provide ongoing training to caregivers of children in caring for their HIV positive child.

You will be happy to know that as a result of your continued support we added 50 children last month to bring the total number of children to 200. All new children have been tested for HIV, and are being treated for opportunistic infections. Also, caregivers of the new children will be trained in caring for a HIV positive child later this month.


A Few Highlights of this Program

1. In 2011, we launched a program called "Safe Parks" to address the emotional, mental, and spiritual health challenges faced by children living in the Matero compound in Lusaka, Zambia This innovative tool was added to provide a complete package of health care services to the children in our program and this tool provides an opportunity for safe play and facilitates psycho-social support, activities, discussions, and learning. "Safe Parks" is open to all children in the community, and benefits a child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Since, its inception 560 children from the community have participated in the program and an average of 90 children benefit from this program every week. Encouraged by the success of this program, we are planning on establishing additional “Safe Parks” in the community and some of these may be mobile “Safe Parks”.

2. All children (except one) have maintained/increased their weight which is a good indicator of their improved health and overall stability in health.

3. In our ante-natal care program, out of a total of 12 children born to HIV positive women, 11 were born HIV negative. 

Funding Requirements for 2012/2013

At this time, we are raising funds to continue to:

1. Provide food, medicines, and a package life-saving health care services to all children in our program,

2. Train an additional 100 caregivers/grandmothers in caring for an HIV positive child.

3. Test caregivers of the children in our program for cervical cancer and breast cancer screening.

4. Continue the HIV “testing and prevention” program for caregivers of the children so that our model continues to be comprehensive with elements of prevention, treatment, care, and economic empowerment.

5. Continue to provide school expenses for children whose parents need this support.

6. Continue the “Safe Parks” developmental program

Please donate generously to this program so that all 200 children in this program can continue to lead healthy and close to normal lives, and be back in school and learning.




May 8, 2012

An Update on Power of Love's Micro Loans program


An Update on the Project “Micro Loans for Women Impacted by HIV/AIDS in Zambia”

We would like to thank our donors for supporting women entrepreneurs in Zambia take the first steps towards self-reliance.

Power of Love’s microloans program empowers women impacted/affected by HIV/AIDS who are left out of traditional microloan programs and helps them become self-sufficient.  You will be happy to know that in April 2012, we distributed loans to 90 women entrepreneurs in our micro loans program in Zambia.  For these 90 women this was the third loan cycle and they expect to finish repayments by November 2012.  These women were provided with business training and their first loan in 2010. Since then they have been running their businesses and supporting their families with earnings from their business. As a result of earnings from their businesses the women have been able to send their children to school and more than 73 children have been able to continue school as a result of this program. Most important, we are proud of our women entrepreneurs who have learned the value of savings, and now save a small amount each day.  Out of this group, 71 women have savings and more than 50% have savings in a bank account.  When they joined our program in 2010, less than 5% of these women had savings.

The average amount saved is small, but it helps the women (i) take care of emergencies such as sicknesses, funerals, and school fees/expenses, (ii) purchase raw material/inventories for their business, and (iii) help the women to continue running their business after they have completed the maximum of three loan cycles and have graduated from our program.

The long-term impact of our micro loans program is to allow women to start planning, saving, and building a better future for themselves and their families. Our women entrepreneurs take the first steps towards self-reliance, and become role models and mentors for other women in the community.  The program has a substantial impact on the community beyond the program participants themselves.

Most of the women in Power of Love’s micro loans program have built successful businesses and are eager to continue their growth. We are proud of our women entrepreneurs, who with your generous donations have been able to support themselves and their families, run thriving businesses, and take the first steps towards self-reliance.



May 8, 2012

Results of a Post-distribution Study

Results of a Post-distrbution Study for Nets Distrbuted in Rural Zambia in October 2010


We would like to thank our friends who have supported Project Mosquito Nets which provides education on malaria prevention and long lasting insecticide treated nets to women and children vulnerable to malaria in Zambia. This report discusses briefly the results of a post-distribution survey for distrbution of nets in rural area in Zambia in October 2010. For a detailed report of the distribution activities please visit http://poweroflove.org/project-mosquito-nets-launched-rural-zambia.

Post Distribution Survey Results

A post distribution survey was carried out in April 2012, approximately 18 months after the original distribution in October 2010. The survey was administered to 100 beneficiary households in the Ndeke compound in Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia. The goal of this study was to assess the mosquito net usage, condition of the nets distrbuted, and the need for nets in this community. Based on the survey results we were able to draw the following conclusions:

  1. Most of the beneficiaries are using the nets correctly with a few not using them in the proper fashion. Recipients of nets who were not using them in the correct manner were advised on the correct usage of the nets at the time of this survey.
  2. The condition of the nets in the sampled houses was mostly very good. A few recipients reported that the nets were in a poor condition and this could be due to the fact that the nets were used over spring or metal beds.  In a few cases, rats had made holes in the nets. In two households it was reported that the nets received were stolen.
  3. The usage of nets is 98%.
  4. The average number of people sleeping under one net is a little over 2. This implies that one net is helping prevent malaria for two people. We are happy with this result as this reduces the cost of malaria prevention. 
  5. Need for nets - The number of nets received per household is lower than the number of sleeping places in each household. Most households have 3-5 sleeping spaces, but received only one or two nets. This implies that the community will benefit from additional nets for each household.  


The nets distributed in Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia are in good condition and are being used for malaria prevention by the beneficiary households. The distribution of these nets has gone a long way in educating community members about malaria prevention, and reducing the incidence of malaria in the community. Since, the last distribution was successful and the need for nets is huge, we are raising funds at this time for another distribution in September 2012.

Thanks again for your support.



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