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To ensure a secured, protected and dignified future and life for children and youth, by promoting their rights, education and health
Jun 24, 2013

Classes Ongoing at CH School!

Class JHS2 students with their new textbooks.
Class JHS2 students with their new textbooks.

While many schools in the U.S. have ended for the school year, schools in Ghana are still in session full force. Classes will continue until at least the last week of July at the Challenging Heights School and may even push into August. We are excited with the progress our students are making this term and are looking forward to the next school year in September when the Challenging Heights School will reach a massive milestone.

At CH School we have been adding one class/grade per year. Next year we will add class junior high school three (JHS3). This is the final year of junior high school and the grade in which students take a national exam called the BECE. Each student’s results on the BECE will determine to which high school they will gain admission. At CH School we have been making efforts to ensure that our students will be prepared to take the BECE, whether they are taking it next year or in the following years, while at the same time offering our students greater opportunities for developing critical thinking skills that are sometimes lacking from the national curriculum. One way that your donations have made a large contribution to preparing our students for the BECE is by providing brand new English text books for all of our students in JHS1 and JHS2. Most students do not have money to purchase their own text books and often resort to copying large amounts of text into their notebooks to be able to study at home. By purchasing classroom sets of English textbooks, we have been able to provide each student with a book so that they can study in the evenings and on the weekends. Students will also learn responsibility, as each book has been marked with a number and that number has been recorded next to each student’s name by their teachers. Students know that they must keep the books in good condition so that their younger classmates will also get the opportunity to use them next year. Through your continued support, we hope to provide students with textbooks in other subjects.

Thanks again for your continued support! We know that our students will make us proud next year on the BECE as they make us proud everyday with their numerous achievements!


May 20, 2013

Challenging Heights School is Growing!

At the start of every term, parents, and sometimes the students themselves, come to Challenging Heights School for enrollment. While we aim to support every child in need of affordable, quality education, this is not always realistic and we have had to turn away students based on lack of space in the classrooms. Enrollment at the Challenging Heights School is now over 765 students!

This year has seen class sizes of over 80 students in classes primary three and four due to demand for the instruction that we are providing and lack of space. Students were therefore excited when they returned to school after the mid-year holidays two weeks ago. That’s because we were finally able to split these large classes into two! Two new teachers were hired and some extra desks were built and then new classes were created. Classes primary three B and primary four B now meet in a new building that will soon house our library. In the meantime, every available space must be utilized. Primary four student, Theresa, said, “I was so happy when I returned from the holidays because I am now in a new classroom. Before, class was very crowded. Now I feel less shy to answer questions from my teachers.” While we search for large donors to fund additional classroom blocks, your donations are instrumental in enabling us to hire new teachers and provide classroom materials as space allows.

Thank you once again for supporting our school and our students as we strive to provide a quality education to at-risk, but enthusiastic children in Winneba! 


Mar 26, 2013

Students Thrive at the Challenging Heights School

For the past week, students at government schools in Ghana have not been able to attend classes as their teachers are striking. We are grateful that our students have been able to continue their education during the strike thanks to supporters like you who make our highly subsidized private school possible. Over 750 students are now enrolled at Challenging Heights School in nursery through junior high school two. Nearly 70 of these students are directly supported by GlobalGiving donors. These survivors of trafficking continue to excel in their coursework, sports programs, and whatever new opportunities arise. Recently, Challenging Heights was asked to join a research project that would train students as researchers to gather information from their classmates in order to inform the post MGD discussions. When the programs staff gathered 20 randomly selected students to be trained as researchers, we didn't know what to expect. We were ecstatic to find that not only were the students excited about this opportunity, they were well prepared through their coursework to make the most out of trainings in data collection and other research skills. During one of the training sessions for which the budding researchers had given up their mid-morning break, Ebenezer said, "I love Challenging Heights and I love being a researcher." The next week when the actual data collection began, Patience informed the facilitators that her interview had went better than expected, proclaiming, "I want to be a researcher in future." Through your educational support, children who once had little hope for their futures are now researchers in their own right. Others are working toward a variety of careers, including doctor, lawyer, actor, and activist. Most importantly, these children now know that they can do anything they set their minds to and they are working toward their goals. Thanks again for your help in making our students' futures bright!


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