Educate Girls

Our Vision "We aim to achieve behavioral, social and economic transformation towards an India, where all children have equal opportunities to access quality education." Our Mission Educate Girls works to reform government schools for girls' education by leveraging existing community and government resources. Our goal is to improve access and quality of education for 4 million children living in underserved communities in India by 2016.
Jul 30, 2012

Mother and Son, Peers in Education!

The ‘Educate Girls’ office situated in the Pali district of Rajasthan regularly sees a heavy influx of courageous girls. They meet and share their stories, tragedies, victories and also their dreams. They are Team Balika members, who choose to be the voice of girls in their village. Kanta is one of them.

Kanta was only in the seventh grade when she got engaged. Soon after her engagement, her father passed away. “People started cursing me, called me inauspicious and I cried. People thought that it was better if I was married off and so I was. Life became hell. My husband was an alcoholic and would ill-treat me every day!”

Kanta conceived a baby and instead of being happy her husband threw her out of the house. Kanta returned to her mother.

She decided to face she struggles with confidence and started teaching children in her neighborhood. She resumed studying as well and made her sisters also join school. She delivered a boy. Between, running the family, bearing a child, delivering a child and taking care of them, she successfully cleared her 10th standard exam from a private institute.

She proudly says, “My son Yash will also go to grade 10 this year.” With a victorious smile she adds, “I want to graduate grade 12 before my son.”

Support Team Balika, help us create more champions for girls education.


Jul 30, 2012

Gita finds stability through Education!!

Gita belongs to a village in Pali district. The entire village migrates during the summer season along with their cattle to distant places like Malwa, Madhya Pradesh. They live a gypsy-like life and keep traveling in search of livelihood. Gita’s siblings do not go to school, but Gita goes regularly! She studies in 7th standard and wants to study further. She wants to continue, till she becomes a teacher!

“I was married off when I was studying in second standard in Rebadia, a neighboring village. My husband and in-laws are also nomads and keep migrating every year. Is this life?” says Gita.

Gita does not like this nomadic lifestyle and wants stability to study and get a good job. Educate girls supported Gita’s dream and helped her get enrolled in school.

She is a member of the Girl’s Council and looks forward to the weekly meetings with the group. Ever since then, her role has been to bring more and more girls to school by visiting their families and encouraging them to educate their girls.

With all the curiosity we inquired, “What if your in-laws prevent you from studying further?”

“No way. My husband is illiterate. I will even make him study. I will not let him live this gypsy life, nor will I”. Gita’s village has a school, but only till eighth grade. For high school she will have to travel three miles far away. “I will go to live with my husband only after 12th grade and that too when they will promise to let me study further. How can I leave my studies in between if I have to get a job!? I will have to work something out!”

Educate Girls’ Bal Sabha (Girl’s Council) empowers Gita and many others like her to make life choices and helps them to pursue their dreams.


*Name changed to protect the identity of the child


Jul 30, 2012

Child bride Meena says, "School comes first!"

A child bride when she was only three months old, Meena is a girl from Pali district in Rajasthan. She is one of 6 children. Meena’s family earns just enough to be able to eat. Her father rears goats, sells the milk and manure while her two older sisters earn money from manual labor. However, with Meena’s mother falling very ill, the family was fast running out of money. Her ailing mother is the reason Meena wants to work and supplement her family’s income.

Meena does manual labor too. Now, due to the efforts of Educate Girls her parents have started sending her to school. They want her to have the chance they never had in life.

Meena is currently studying in class seven. This twelve year old is troubled with thoughts about her family’s survival, about her mother, about her education. Her life is full of uncertainty. Yet, when we ask Meena if she wants to study she replies with a strong “Yes”. We ask her about her marriage her eyes fill with tears.

Support Meena and other child brides - Send them to School!


*Name changed to protect the identity of the child


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