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Our Vision "We aim to achieve behavioral, social and economic transformation towards an India, where all children have equal opportunities to access quality education." Our Mission Educate Girls works to reform government schools for girls' education by leveraging existing community and government resources. Our goal is to improve access and quality of education for 4 million children living in underserved communities in India by 2016.
Nov 7, 2013

A big Thank You from Educate Girls

Thank you for your donations!
Thank you for your donations!

As the festival of Diwali spreads light and warmth around India, we at Educate Girls would like to thank all Global Giving donors for their generous donations!

Ensuring quality education for girls and helping them avoid child marriage is a daunting challenge, but thanks largely to your help; we already have achieved a lot in rural Rajasthan, viz:

-          During the last 6 years, Educate Girls has managed to bring back 52,000 girls back to school.

-          Girls’ enrollment has gone from 85% to 99% in the districts where Educate Girls runs its programs; which effectively means that most girls are now enrolled in the nearest government schools.

-          We have seen a drastic improvement in learning outcomes. 60% of the children who attend our schools are able to read a simple story in Hindi. This figure was only 15% before we started working in these schools.

-          Our program has rapidly grown from 500 schools to 5,500 schools in the last 6 years. Today there are more than 500,000 children who have benefit from improved teaching and better learning environments!

While these results are incredibly encouraging, we still have a long way to go before we manage even a semblance of parity in girls’ education and change the overall socio-economic situation for girls. Many of them are still kept away from school and denied basic education because of the age old custom of child marriage.

Last week we recounted the story of Meena, a young child bride whose parents have agreed to let her pursue her education. She is now studying and getting the opportunity to make a life for herself. Unfortunately, Meena is not the only child bride in her school.

Nisha, a 9 year-old student, too was destined to become a child bride until Varsha, one of Educate Girls’ volunteers, intervened and took action. Varsha met Nisha’s parents as soon as she heard the news. Varsha not only convinced them to cancel the wedding, but she also enumerated the several benefits of sending girls to school and convinced Nisha’s parents to send her to school.

Now, Nisha enjoys going to school and with the help of Educate Girls, she will be able to complete her education before she gets married.

This would not have been possible without the support of donors like you. We thank you for your generous donations. It does mean a lot to these girls and their future.


*Name changed to protect the identity of the child

Working together to avoid child marriage
Working together to avoid child marriage
Oct 31, 2013

"Thank you for helping me go to school!"

Meena - despite being a child bride is educated
Meena - despite being a child bride is educated

A year later, Child-bride Meena is still going to school thanks to Educate Girls

Last year Educate Girls started a powerful campaign on child brides by recounting the striking story of Meena, a young Rajasthani girl married away when she was just three-month old. Meena does manual labor and helps with house chores to support her family. With the help of Educate Girls, she also attends the local government school. Her parents have agreed to let her pursue her education in the hope that she gets a better chance in life than they did.

Meena is not an isolated case. In Rajasthan, 68% of the girls are married before the age of 18. Most of them are not even as lucky as Meena and drop out of school by grade 5. Without education, their chances to get good employment and have access to financial independence later on are dramatically fewer. In the picture above, Meena is standing with her schoolmates – many of whom are child brides or on the verge of becoming so.

Young girls in rural areas are often trapped into early marriage since their parents do not understand the importance of educating them. And yet, it has been demonstrated that an educated woman will earn 10% more income and have a healthier family than an uneducated one in the long run.

This is the reason why Educate Girls fights for girls’ empowerment in Rajasthan. By interacting with the communities, training teachers and improving the school infrastructures, we aim to offer these young girls the opportunity to make a life for themselves and break the pattern of under-age marriage.

In the coming weeks, we will be featuring the stories of Meena’s friends and testimonials from women working on educating them.

Stay tuned to learn more about their situation and what you can do to help them!


*Name changed to protect the identity of the child

Young child bride Meena and her school mates
Young child bride Meena and her school mates


Sep 4, 2013

Life skills for a brighter future

In the past you have helped us reach our goal to help young Indian girls get useful life skills for a brighter future. Thanks to your contribution, they have had access to better teaching and improved school infrastructures.

Over the last six months, Educate Girls has expanded significantly and we have even started running our program in the district of Sirohi. By the end of 2013, we aim to reach out to 530,000 children. Many more underprivileged girls will thus benefit from quality education.

If you wish to keep helping us as we scale, you can do so by financing our other project “Send child brides to school instead”:

Your donations will allow us to enroll and retain an even larger number of young girls into school. Thanks in advance for your support!



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