A.V. Koshy - Individual Grantee (Autism for Help Village Project)

Our mission is to facilitate and provide autistic peoples, and their families and caregivers, with any help possible regarding programs, services, therapies et cetera, including residential, vocational and financial alternatives to allow their children to live dignified lives. Autism for Help Village Project will also involve the surrounding community for help.
Sep 7, 2010

Autism for Help Village Project Report 3

We completed the Evoke Participation GlobalGiving challenge successfully. We were one of the six teams out of 25 to do so. We raised $3,020 dollars and have also got $350 dollars as incentives from GlobalGiving. We got more than fifty comments and raised the required money from 64 donations from 58 donors. We also got 257 facebook likes, not to mention nearly 150 facebook shares and 13 tweets. All this shows the need for help in this area. And that we have many dear and genuine well wishers and supporters like you all over the world, dear donors and commenters. Our facebook group has 175 members. All this is only a beginning though. Our real target is helping the autistic people by creating a home away from home for them. For that we need to register as an organization now and do several other things; many, many other things. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep." said Robert Frost So do we. Please continue helping us. Thank you once again from our hearts.