A.V. Koshy - Individual Grantee (Autism for Help Village Project)

Our mission is to facilitate and provide autistic peoples, and their families and caregivers, with any help possible regarding programs, services, therapies et cetera, including residential, vocational and financial alternatives to allow their children to live dignified lives. Autism for Help Village Project will also involve the surrounding community for help.
Jul 14, 2011

A Recapitulation of the gains made by the project

* Between March and May 2010 this project was conceived of as an Evokation for Urgent Evoke that the World Bank found outstanding. This was its inception.

* In August 2010, as a result WB put Autism for Help Village Project along with 24 other projects on Global Giving for an Evoke fundraising challenge, whereby the projects that raised a certain amount from a certain number of donors would be allowed to remain on the platform. We qualified.

* In November 2010 Autism for Help Village Project was registered as a Non-Profit organization in Indiia.

* We have engaged the services of a reputable CA company in Bangalore.

* We have so far raised 4175 dollars from 106 donations, of  which 15 percent belongs to GG, but the heartening thing is that the donations, however small, do keep coming in.

* We have an active group on Facebook with 310 members which works to spread awareness about autism.

* In the last month we have finally made our own email address, Youtube channel, twitter account and blog, besides adding a cause and a page on Facebook for the project.These are all meant to develop on the idea of a Global Autism Village that may function virtually. These will be used primarily for planning.

* Contact has been made with Autism Society of India and  ASHA in Bangalore, in the hope that networking can help the future of the project.

Many things remain to be done. But these are concrete gains that show the definite steps of progress; however small, slight and slow.

Thanks to all you donors for your steady support.

Apr 28, 2011

Progress and plans for May end and June 2011.

Hello dear donor friends, well wishers, parents etc.

I would like to begin by thanking especially Mr Vivek Sanil, Kirti Kulkarni and Geeta Kamath for recurring donations of 60, 10 and 10 dollars each. And all other recurring donors. They keep hope alive.

As for the news, it is mainly about things Autism for Help Village Project is doing to spread awareness, even as we plan the future.

We took world autism day as an opportunity to wear blue to speak for the cause. 

We now have 288 members in our facebook group.

As part of autism awareness month I am posting a video or an article or a picture daily on our facebook group.

Meanwhile, I have started serious talks with a designer about an exciting project which is connected to this and came in as a kind of child to this project which has tremendous potential.

It is a place that is tentatively going to be called GAV - global autism village - that is primarily hopefully going to be a kind of autism facebook where people can connect in a global village as per the idea of Mcluhan and then help each other.

This idea came about through a parent asking for ABA therapy in Varnasi. A place where it doesn't exist.

A facebook for autism - FAA - would definitely help.

Awareness about autism was also spread through www.gameful.org - a metagaming space designed by the same people as Urgent Evoke where this project was generated.

The main plan for May end and July, apart from the global autism conference in Bangalore which I'm planning to attend, when the project hopes to move at a much faster pace is getting the bank account, getting tax rebate work for India done,  and getting local donors as well as figuring out the globalgiving money can be used most profitably.

The search for land will continue and hopefully something can be bought during this time.

Architectural plans for the village are being made as sketches and renderings and using simple software like Autocad and google sketch up.

The progress is a bit slow but will be speeded up in May and June as I will have  more free time.

A friend of mine called Kumar has come forward in a big way to help me ,for which I am thankful apart from my friends in USA etc.

Please help in whatever way possible.

My email is terrestrian@gmail.com

The autism facebook group is here:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=142521532441453&ref=ts

Dr A.V.Koshy

Feb 9, 2011

Autism Village Project (50 CHILDREN) REPORT 5

Dear donors, friends and well wishers

The trust has already been formed, as I informed you in the last post. The good news is that we have got our PAN and TAN for India.Near the border of Tamil Nadu and Bangalore it seems that land is available cheap but the availablity of water, electricity, internet, phone connections, transportation and good roads needs to be verified, The search is on. 

We are seaching for land. 

Many things remain to be done. The pressing thigns seems to be the making of seals, letter head and bank account and getting th FRCA etc.

With the blessing of our children we can do it all.

Evolutinary design may be a good option in fulfilling the plan.

Thanks again,

Dr. A.V. Koshy

Project Leader