A.V. Koshy - Individual Grantee (Autism for Help Village Project)

Our mission is to facilitate and provide autistic peoples, and their families and caregivers, with any help possible regarding programs, services, therapies et cetera, including residential, vocational and financial alternatives to allow their children to live dignified lives. Autism for Help Village Project will also involve the surrounding community for help.
Mar 12, 2012

Against all odds, making headway inch by inch.

Hello to all the extended family of our Autism for help Village Project. In this first quarter of 2012 we have been extremely busy. We have finally applied for and continue to seek issuance of the 10A, 10D and 80G (permission for Indian donors to be given tax rebates for contributions and for us to bring in money from abroad). The Chartered Accountant we hired in 2010 continues to work on these and related processes to realize the vision of the AfhVP.

In February, 2012, AfhVP entered the GlobalGiving Video competition. While we were not selected as finalists, we urge you to check out the video, as it gives a glimpse of the challenges we are overcoming to pursue the creation of the Autism for help Village Project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi2lB0x93Z8
On March 14, GlobalGiving will hold the first Bonus Day of 2012! The Bonus Day will start at 12:01 am EST on March 14th, 2012. GlobalGiving will be matching online donations made on Bonus Day at 30% until the $50,000 in funds runs out. They will also be offering additional prizes for organizations that raise the most on Bonus Day and have the most unique donors-- so please do spread the word to friends and relatives, a move which will be greatly welcomed.
We are working vigorously to spread information and understanding about autism and the project on the Autism for help Village Project Trust facebook page, with an ever-growing list of friends and post-contributors. Please visit the page any time to learn, exchange, and post on any autism-related topic or project. http://www.facebook.com/notes/michele-baron/moments/338347062868925#!/groups/autismvillage/
Slowly but surely we are ensuring that all the groundwork to create the Autism for help Village Project is prepared, all legal details completed etc  
Thank you very much for your continued support. Through your generosity, we can accomplish all we need to establish the Autism for help Village Project as a comprehensive umbrella of help in Southern India.
(report prepared by Michele  Baron and edited by Dr A.V.Koshy)
Dec 22, 2011

A Tribute to 2011

2011 has been a very busy year for all of us at the Autism for help Village Project Trust. We have seen many new faces on our fb pages, and welcome each and every one to share thoughts, seek support, and contribute art, information, or links as and when able.

We are making headway in our development, with the Autism for help Village Project Trust's banking account getting established in October, 2011.  And we can tout 448 facebook likes, 274 facebook shares (and 2 favorites), and 130 donations from 92 people, totalling $5275.00 so far!! Our present target is 50,000 US dollars. We also have a first iteration of the village designed. 

The Autism for help Village Project is attracting attention in the global community as well. AfhVP facebook-site contributor Vidya Kishore, who works with parents of autistic children and is in in Dubai, has been raising awareness, and funds, through local projects, and her informative online posts, sharing insights and inspiration for those in the Autism community.

And back in India, we are in the process of getting Tax Rebate approval for local Indian donors.

With our energetic facebook contributors and other members, we are gaining in popularity and in our ability to realize the vision of the Autism for help Village Project.

Slow and steady wins the race; we hope to see you on Global Giving, Facebook and our other sites, as we work together towards a more informed, involved, and fabulous new year 2012.  Thank you very much for your interest and support; it means so much to us and the members of the autistic community we work to serve.

Meanwhile: http://www.globalgiving.org/leaderboards/tribute-card-challenge/   Please do read the conditions for the latest Global Giving fund-raising challenge!!

With much love, hope and regards,

Dr. A.V.Koshy/ Anna Gabriel/ Michele Baron



Sep 30, 2011

The first iteration of the village

Dear friends/donors.

I was working in Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and they kindly allowed me to run an entire course on making an iteration of the village.

While the obstacles of land and money and registrations of various kinds remain, iteration goes on.

The great gain made by this course was twenty five students were both made aware/conscientized of/about autism and empowered to help in small or great way with it in the future. This I consider a great gain.

The entire work done by the students can be seen as a first precious iteration of the village  and is documented here


The blog contains many things but is worth persuing at length.

Due to personal  financial needs connected to my autistic son I am going off to Saudi Arabia on a one year contract as an Assistant Professor, God willing, in a Ministry of Education University and this may help me make contacts there and bring in more funds.

The work will not stop but go forward steadily. I understand persistence, patience and perseverance are the virtues needed. 

Meanwhile I am now acquainted with the entire autism community in Banglaore now and have good rapport with them,

Please keep me and my family in your good wishes and thanks for your continued and steady support to the project.

Thanks repeatedly to all of you, especially the donors who give recurring donations.

Thanks to Michele Baron and GlobalGiving for all the help.