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The mission of Firelight Foundation is to improve the well-being of children made vulnerable by HIV, AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Firelight supports grassroots organizations that help families and communities meet the needs of their children.
Feb 25, 2013

Thank you for all your help!

mother farming
mother farming

Thank you for your generosity! Your gifts are strengthening our community by reducing the transmission of HIV from mother to child.

So far we have received thirty four gifts totaling $1,660! Your donations are a critical piece in our effort to improve the lives of thousands of women and children.

As a result of our work the stigma around HIV is decreasing, and discrimination among children and adolescents is on the decline. We see fewer cases of social isolation and the topic of HIV has become less of a taboo. As a result, our enrollment of young mothers continues to climb. Their care and awareness is a critical step in improving the health care for our community’s children. Healthy mothers are able to farm and start small business activities. And so these families are able to afford the transport costs to medical facilities for critical check-ups, and are able to afford school fees and healthy food for the children.

Thank you for joining our cause and for entrusting our efforts with your support!


Oct 24, 2012

MANSA's Holistic Approach

Thank you for your continued support of MANSA. You’re supporting a well-rounded, holistic approach to reducing mother to child transmission of HIV. To make this approach real to you, we’ve complied a list of MANSA’s achievements in their community. Please enjoy learning about how you’ve supported mothers and children in Zambia through MANSA's activities:

  • training community health workers to support mothers & children dealing with mother to child HIV transmission
  • creating & supporting mothers’ support groups
  • strengthening district level advocacy to increase services for mothers & infants
  • maintaining a tight focus on HIV awareness, testing, treatment, and care
  • improving access to treatment for children by placing a child health advocate at the hospital and creating a child-friendly waiting room
  • supporting youth living with HIV by providing a recreation space, engaging schools to reduce stigma and discrimination, and school-based youth clubs to educate both teachers and students about HIV
  • linking mothers to clinics to continue treatment after giving birth

With gratitude for all you’ve helped MANSA accomplish,

Firelight Foundation

Jul 24, 2012

MANSA Brings Treatment and Support to People

Mansa Chapter Network of Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS brings facilities to people and implements systems for tacking their health and HIV treatment.

From MANSA’s 2011 report:

Provision of HIV Counseling and Testing

The project was proposed to be implemented in nine remote rural areas of Mansa district and one urban area namely; Chembe, Muwanguni, Buntungwa, Senama, central clinic, Kabunda, Mantumbusa, Mabumba, Moloshi and Mansa General Hospital.

People who tested HIV positive had challenges in accessing the much needed services and treatment as they are not available in most of these rural health center in Mansa district.

People living with HIV/AIDS used to travel long distances to access clinic examination to see if they are eligible to start antiretroviral therapy and this takes up to three or more days for them to get the results.

These people are treated as out patients’ unless they are very sick that is when they are given accommodation and food. Most of these associated costs such as transport, accommodation and at times they have to buy medicine for treatment of opportunistic infections.

Most people living with HIV/AIDS miss clinical apartments due to costs associated to traveling these long distances.

The situation is even worse for poor pregnant who are already burdened with pregnancy and cannot manage to walk these long distances and afford to meet travel associated costs.

Preventing HIV infection, providing life prolonging treatment and relieving the impact of HIV and AIDS for children and their families and communities is possible.

Mansa NZP+ chapter since implemented a strategy which started with a systematic review of health records of 10 health facilities in the urban and remote rural health facilities to re-establish any lost contacts for baby-mother pairs with the health service.

We managed to conduct counseling and testing in all the ten health facilities this helped to reduce the waiting time on the part of clients as our volunteers supported the clinical staff in counseling and testing.

Thank you for supporting this valuable work.  Your gifts to this project enable the people of the Mansa district to receive much needed care and support. In this way, you are helping to reduce mother to child transmission of AIDS. 

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