Fundacion Amigos del Choco - AMICHOCO

Amigos del Choco Foundation is an environmental NGO that fosters the sustainable use of natural resources and the improvement of life quality of the people of the Colombian Choco bioregion. We do this through the implementation of productive projects, communication and environmental education and capacity building initiatives; linking local communities with the national and international community.
Analog Forestry in Colombia´s Atrato River Basin
Timbiquí, Cauca, Colombia
(2.81137, -77.34375)
Children's Land:Promoting responsible citizenship
(6.05316, -76.64062)
Municipality of Turbo in the state of Antioquia in the Colombian Choco Bioregion
I-62 - Antioquia, Colombia
(7.95895, -76.75092)
Mato Grosso, Brasil
From report: We're growing!
(-13.86866, -57.65625)
Restoring Forests for the People of Chocó
(6.23593, -75.57513)