"Ashraya" meaning 'shelter', was founded and registered in 1982 and has since then brought hope and love into the lives of many children and adults. Ashraya is committed to alleviate the sufferings of women and children in distress through our various programs.
Oct 24, 2012

Update on Ashraya's creches

Ashraya’s crèches have been running well and children have been fairly regular to the creches. A lot of people were being affected by the Dengue virus in the city. as a precautionary measure, we got Ashraya's doctor to speak to the parents about the causes of dengue fever and methods to prevent it. The parents were told to be cautious of stagnant water, which aids breeding of mosquitoes and were advised of the symptoms of dengue fever to help its early detection and medical intervention.

The Project head makes frequent visits to the crèches to monitor their functioning, including maintenance of records such as admissions register, children’s register, attendance register, etc.

Through Ashraya’s crèches, we endeavour to improve livelihoods by enabling women to go to work and bring home an additional income. We got a chance to speak to some of the mothers about how the day care facility has helped them and their children. The exercise gave us an insight into the ‘Chain Effect’ of Ashraya’s Creche program, on women and children, the most vulnerable section of the society.

Amsa, a domestic worker and wife of a street vendor, jumped in enthusiastically to present her views. In the local dialect, she said, ‘Ashraya is a big relief to me. In other crèches, they charge a minimum of 500 rupees per month to keep the child for half a day. We cannot afford that. Now, I am able to work without any worry as my child couldn’t have been in a better place. This is like her home, and the staff look after her better than we do. I am able to go to work now and I don’t have to ask my husband for money to give my child whatever she wants. Earlier, I wasn’t earning and had to depend on my husband’s earning to buy each and everything. I did not feel good about it. Today, I am so proud that I can buy whatever my child asks for and I don’t need to wait for anybody’s consent.’


Glory, a housemaid, leaves her 3 year old child at the crèche and starts her day at 9:30 am after completing her household chores. In a resounding tone, Glory, says- ‘The crèche is like a blessing to me!! I used to work only for two hours, leaving my child at my mother-in-law, who is also old and does not have enough energy to look after a young child. Hence I had to get back home early. Now, I am able to work from 9:30 to 1 pm and earn a better income, which makes me happy, as my husband is a daily wage earner and brings home only a meagre income. Moreover, my child is learning ABC, 123, etc. I can’t ask for more’.

Ashraya hopes to continue touching more lives in the near future!!

Aug 2, 2012

Hallelujah!! 100% pass results at Neelbagh School

The SSLC results were out on 16th May and the School is very proud of our bright students who performed gloriously well and our committed team of teachers who made it happen. The School achieved 100% pass results, once again, this year, and this is one of the most important achievements of the School, in this quarter. It is the fourth consecutive year, that the School has achieved 100% pass results. Out of a total of 22 students in tenth grade, 4 students passed with a distinction (obtaining above 85%), 15 students passed in first class (obtaining above 60%), 2 students passed in second class and 1 just passed.

Two students obtained 98% in Social studies subject and turned out as Kolar District toppers in the subject, out of which one child Archana is sponsored by CIAI. As outstanding performers, they are both rewarded with a sponsorship amount of INR 15000 per annum for two years, by the State Government of Karnataka, to pursue higher studies.

 Ashraya also works to help and support the bright children to pursue higher education. We liaise with other NGOs and facilitate the sponsorship of the higher education of our deserving and bright students. Two NGOs, Upasana and Prerana are currently supporting and sponsoring nine of our bright students, who have got admission in different colleges for Science and Commerce.

Ashraya-Neelbagh School was shut for the summer break from April 19th to May 19th 2012. On June 1st, the new admissions list was finalized. The Ashraya Neelbagh School’s management team screens the applications carefully to ensure that deserving children, from below poverty line families, are given admission on a priority basis. These are children of poor farmers, construction laborers and workers, who earn a meager income and live hand to mouth. They can hardly think of providing their child with quality education without support.

Thirty two students were shortlisted for LKG and other classes. The School received a total of 136 and 49 applications for LKG and other class admissions, respectively, where the number of seats available was only 32 and 16, respectively. This is a significant indicator of the performance and the reputation of the School in the District.

Currently, with the new admissions, the School has 351 students studying in Neelbagh School. During LKG admissions, as always, priority was given to children from below poverty line families and the School continues to give impetus to ‘girl child’ education in the rural area. Forty percent of the applicants, who were granted admissions in LKG, are girls and fifty percent of the students, who were given admission to other classes, are girls, thereby ensuring equal opportunities to girl children to access good quality education.

Overall, it has been a great start to the new academic year. Thank you all for your support and generous contributions towards the School that nurtures generations of rural, deserving children.

Jul 24, 2012

Ashraya's creches continue to make a difference!!

Ashraya's Crèches program has a chain effect on children and their families’ livelihoods. We organize regular parents’- teachers’ meetings to generate awareness on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, to sensitize them on the significance of educating their children, irrespective of their sex.  The women in the surrounding areas of Ashraya’s crèches are able to leave their children in a safe, conducive and intellectually stimulating environment and go to work, thereby helping them augment their family income, which in turn benefits the living conditions of the families.

Ashraya's crèches at Shivajinagar, Yelahanka, Sidapura, Avalahalli, Banaswadi, Indiranagar and Arsinakunte have been running in an efficient manner. The Social worker makes monthly visits to each creche to monitor and evaluate the functioning and maintenance of the crèches. The doctor also paid monthly visits to the crèches to monitor the general health of the children. Progress in health and nutrition is evaluated and he also advises the teachers on nutritional requirements so that they can inform the families. Malnutrition is detected early and parents of undernourished children are advised to give the child a better diet to ensure their good health. Every Ashraya creche provides a good, healthy afternoon meal which generally consists of rice, a curry with lentils and veggies, followed by a fruit, which gives the children a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and other essential nutrients for growth and development.

A meeting was held with families in this quarter to discuss their plans for their children, with respect to their education. Teachers and staff motivated and counselled the families regarding various options and support programs offered by the government.

 Ashraya’s Creches program has brought about a significant change in the outlook of the families in the slums, and in the labour colonies. It has imbibed in them a sense of responsibility, awareness regarding health, nutrition and also most importantly driven the importance of educating their children. Almost 100% of the children at our crèches, when they reach the age of four, are moved to regular, formal schools, either English medium or Kannada medium.  The crèches program helped women go to work which led to families having better income, thereby, resulting in a positive frame of mind to take sound decisions, regarding the education of their children.

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