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The Lambi Fund's mission is to assist the popular democratic movement in Haiti. The Lambi Fund provides financial resources, training and technical assistance to peasant-led community organizations that promote the social and economic empowerment of the Haitian people.
Oct 12, 2010

Talking With Local Organizations in NW Haiti

Members of the Center for Plantain Propagation
Members of the Center for Plantain Propagation

Lambi Fund staff and board members recently returned from a field visit with partner organizations in Northwest Haiti to assess how communities are doing post-quake.  This was a wonderful opportunity to talk with locals about the earthquake’s impact on their communities and how local organizations banded together to respond accordingly.

Lambi Fund talked with Mr. Josephat, a member of the Center for Plantain Propagation who recalled tearfully, “I had 21 people, relatives and strangers staying with me and my family.  We did not think twice about welcoming them but we had not yet figured out how they would be cared for or how they would be fed. When we heard about the Lambi Fund’s program to help impacted families, I was so happy that I cried.  I cried because I was touched and shocked that people who had been at the center of this disaster, had time to think about us. I was so proud to be the member of a strong organization, and I really deeply understood why being organized is the path to a better life.  We would have been left to our devices without the Lambi Fund’s support.”

Mr. Josephat and members of all the communities visited reiterated that the emergency response grants that Lambi Fund provided to grassroots organizations allowed its members to provide urgently needed food, water and medical supplies for earthquake survivors seeking solace in their homes. 

The farmers assistance program that provided farmers the capital needed to purchase more seeds and tools for their crops was a great success as well.  Rural communities that were faced with expanded populations seized the opportunity to plant more crops and produce more food.  Bountiful harvests of peas, vegetables and corn have been reported- which locals have been using for consumption and sale in local markets.

Please continue to support Lambi Fund’s efforts to expand small business enterprises in rural Haiti and provide even more communities the opportunity to see bountiful harvests and recover post-quake.


Oct 12, 2010

Working with Communities in Northwest Haiti

Smiling children
Smiling children

Since January’s earthquake, improving rural Sanitation and Hygiene in Haiti has been a priority of Lambi Fund’s.  Our field monitors have been working with community organizations in the Northwest to develop a sustainable sanitation plan that will provide these populations with access to latrines.  Through conversations with these local groups, it has been decided that the latrines will be built in community centers like local grain mills.  This will provide community members with equal access and group members will be able to oversee the management and maintenance of the latrines. 

Continued support for this project is greatly needed though, as the need for latrines far exceeds Lambi Fund’s financial resources.    The purchase of one latrine provides approximately 25 individuals with access to proper sanitation- exponentially improving their overall health, keeping the local environment clean and ensuring local water sources are not contaminated.  Together we can provide a clean and healthy environment for all communities in rural Haiti.


Aug 25, 2010

Moving from Relief to Rebuilding

Local grassroots org distributing funds to members
Local grassroots org distributing funds to members

It’s been seven months since January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti. Thanks to the outpouring of support from donors like you, Lambi Fund has provided emergency cash disbursements to 43 grassroots organizations throughout Haiti.

Rural parts of Haiti received over ½ a million internally displaced persons (IDPs) following the earthquake. These local organizations have used the emergency grants to purchase clothes, food, medical supplies and other life essentials for earthquake survivors.

Ostazia Ogusten and her husband have 10 children and live in Mahotiere in North West, Haiti. She states that, “After the quake our household doubled. It was extremely problematic. We didn’t have the means to care for them. It’s thanks to Lambi Fund that we got the relief we so desperately needed. We could supply food, water, and medical supplies to earthquake survivors.”

Providing emergency relief to earthquake survivors was just the beginning. These individuals need to develop forms of sustainable incomes and integrate into their new communities. Your continued support will help survivors launch small business enterprises and plant crops for their families- providing hope for today and tomorrow.


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