HER Fund

HER Fund was set up on March 8, 2004 by a group of women activists in honour of International Women's Day. Our main objective is to raise funds and give grants to support work by women, with women and for women in Hong Kong. Next to this, an important aspect of our work is to raise awareness of women's position and rights in Hong Kong. Our mission is mobilizing resources and investing in empowering women and girls to create change in communities for gender equality.
Jul 25, 2014

The capacity building program is in progress

Training session in progress
Training session in progress

We wish to extend our appreciation to the donors of this project to make this happen ! Although we are still to raise more funds for this project, we have started several sessions of training for the leaders of 3 grassroots and marginalized women's mutual help groups. The training focus on building capacities on organizational management, membership development and administrative skills. This is to enhance the mutual help women's groups to manage themselves in a more sustainable way, so that they can serve more women in the community in need of their support. The 3 groups involved are a local sex workers' mutual help group, a new immigrant women's group and a grassroots low income women's group.

The participants of the training find the training very useful to their organization's work and helped them to strategise on the work they are doing. They hope, there could be more support in their application of their learning from the training, to further apply to their daily work in the organization. This requires more resources for providing mentorship support, and we hope funds can be available to further this aspect of work. Please continue to support this project and do help us to spread the words for more support from your network ! Your kindness and giving is much appreciated !

revisiting their organizational values and mission
revisiting their organizational values and mission
learning and sharing with each other
learning and sharing with each other
May 8, 2014

Helping others to help themselves

The capacity building project for marginalized women is paving the way to enhance grassroots women's leadership. Members in the marginalized groups come from the grassroots. Due to their care-giver role, taking care of the family and children, their community participation is very much confined and lacks the opportunity to develop their potentials and capacities. Many of them see themselves as inadequate and have a low self esteem. They hardly realize their strengths and contribution to society. Through this capacity building project, the participating women are able to learn new skills and apply them in their own organization. At the same time, they will be empowered to learn to appreciate themselves and their strengths. It is only through recognizing one's strength that one can be confident in serving the others. This is what we aim to do : helping others to help themselves.

Feb 20, 2014

Capacity Building Enhances Women Helping Themselves

HER Fund has been giving small grants to marginalized women self-help organizations to run programs that allow them to support each other. Programs like hotline support, peer escort to government offices for seeking help, homevisiting, mutual support group and vocational skills learning, all these programs are organized by women members themselves to help other women who are going through the similar life challenges such as faing a divorce, being discriminated due to their race and background for surviving from abuse.  

In order to help these small organizations become more sustainable, organizational capacity building is essential , this include training on organizational management, strategic planning, accounting and fundraising knowledge. The members can then manage their organizations in a more structured and systematic way and be more accountable to the public. They can then run their work  independently and enhances them to help more women with similar background.

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