Kranti empowers girls from Mumbai's red-light areas to become agents of social change.
Jan 9, 2012

Have a Revolutionary 2012!

Kranti made its first ever public performance on 17th December in front of a crowd of 250! The Revolutionaries participated, in an inter-NGO event, "Our Life. Our Choice.", advocating accepting, respecting and supporting women who defy the norms of society, like single mothers, queer women and sex workers. The Revolutionaries, completely independently, scripted and performed a series of monologues about the lives of sex workers, demanding dignity of labour, access to health and education, and protection from abuse by the law, for sex workers. Their performance was met by huge applause! Kranti has truly appeared on the non-profit sector in Mumbai!

The Revolutionaries turned activists this month, participating in protest rallies, candle light vigils and signing campaigns to support Irom Sharmila's 11 year long hunger strike to protest against the attrocities of the military against civilans in North-East India.

December was "Special Abilities" month at Kranti. The month started with workshops, teaching the Revolutionaries about the different kinds of disabilities, both physical and mental. They were also inspired by the success stories of people with Special Abilities, like Helen Keller and Stephen Hawking. We will continue with this theme in the new year too, where the Revolutionaries will visit and volunteeer in a school for special children.
But the most exciting event of all was the Revolutionaries trekking up to the Pindari Glacier in the Himalayas at 12000 feet! Last month, we told you about some of the Revolutionaries being inspired to climb Mt. Everest. Well, I guess that dream is well on it's way. 

2012, here come the Revolutionaries!!!


Dec 22, 2011

100% Sustainable Home for Kranti

The Revolutionaries in front of Jaaga
The Revolutionaries in front of Jaaga

The Kranti family visited Jaaga in Bangalore in few weeks back. Jaaga is a 100% eco-friendly and sustainable building designed by Freeman Murray. It uses solar power to meet all the electrical demands of a household, harvests rainwater, and produces bio-gas by composting biodegradable waste. The walls of the building are covered in plants that keep the indoors naturally insulated. 

However, the best part about Jaaga is that it can be detached and rebuilt in a week's time! This is a perfect solution to our housing need. We have been unable to afford to buy land in Mumbai because of sky-rocketting real estate prices. But, now with Jaaga in the picture, we are looking to rent/lease land for a small amount of time, till the owner of the land is not developing the land, and setting up a Jaaga building on it. And when the owner of the land does want to develop the land, we will just move our house- in a week's time!

With Freeman, we have planned out that with a multiple-storey Jaaga building, we can build a 2300 square feet house on just 500 square feet of land. So, now, with our new partnership with Jaaga in place, we are on the look out to rent/lease 500 square feet of land.


Dec 5, 2011

Kranti's Month of November

Kranti @Pride, Bangalore 2011
Kranti @Pride, Bangalore 2011

This November was Gender and Sexuality month at Kranti. The girls learnt about different gender and sexual identities and norms, how to be accepting of different identities and create safespaces for them, through multiple workshops. We also held movie screeningsXXY (about a transexual youth's experience of life) and Tale of the Night Fairies (about the unionisation of sex workers in West Bengal, India).

But it was the culmination of Gender and Sexuality month that was epic! The entire Kranti family took a trip to Bangalore to attend the Pride Parade. We also met other non-profits in Bangalore working in the area of sexuality and gender to learn about their work. From Sangama the Revolutionaries learnt about the health and legal rights of the transgender sex worker community. From LesBiT the Revolutionaries learnt about the work being done for the advancement of the human rights of lesbian and bisexual women, and Female to Male transgenders.

The older Revolutionaries attended TEDxMumbai and were inspired by all the speakers to find their passion, and pursue it all their lives as a profession. Krushnaa Patil, the youngest Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest at 19 years, Ashok Rathod, who started the Oscar Foundation when he was 18 to mobilise the youth in Mumbai's slums, were some of the speakers who inspired the Revolutionaries. Some of the Revolutionaries are now aiming to beat Krushnaa Patil's record to become the youngest Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest! And to encourage them, the Kranti family is taking a week long trek in the Western Ghats to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

On the organisational front, Kranti partnered with Dream A Dream, who will train our staff and share their curriculum with us on how to use sports and the creative arts to develop life skills in the Revolutionaries. Through Dream A Dream's programs we will build decision-making, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, self-awareness, empathy and the ability to cope with emotions and stress in the Revolutionaries.

Revolutionary, Savita @Pride, Bangalore 2011
Revolutionary, Savita @Pride, Bangalore 2011


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