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Global Roots improves the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children with support of local humanitarians from all over the world. We feel the best way to bring about positive change is to offer assistance to the humanitarians who have already taken the first step to help the children in their local community. They are our heroes and it is through them that Global Roots works to protect the world's most valuable asset, its children.
Dec 27, 2011

Chicken egg farm completed!

Our second chicken egg farm is up and running next to our Matangini children's garden!

We learned that local parents are much more likely to send their children back to school when they know a well-balanced meal is there waiting for them.

Our new chicken egg farm is producing just enough chickens to feed local children who are suffering from the AIDs virus. It's very important that these children receive a proper meal before they undergo their daily doses of high-powered drugs. If they take these drugs on empty stomaches, they are much more likely to succumb to the virus.

Any new donation given to this program will go to purchasing more chickens so that all children who attend the Matangini and Matulani public schools will receive this badly needed protein.

Please email us for more info at


Oct 10, 2011

Children's Garden planning continues

 We’re currently making plans to add a children’s garden to the Light of Pamir Children’s Home. The humanitarian we support, Janagah Jaheed, has found a one acre lot that is available for only a few hundred dollars a month, just blocks away from the home. It’s important to note Baharak is an extremely fertile part of Afghanistan. The area is actually famous for its apples and pears.

Unlike the other children’s gardens we’re planting around the world, the importance of this garden is not related to the nutrition it brings but – instead – the experience our children can have while they’re working in the garden. This garden will belong to them and it will help them to heal from what they’ve seen in the outside world. These are children who have lost their parents to war. Helping a plant to germinate and then sprout is solace for the soul!

With proper support, we are hoping to break ground on our Children’s Garden before the winter’s snows set in.

Aug 24, 2011

ground is broken

one of the children we are helping in Mtito
one of the children we are helping in Mtito

We are thrilled to announce that ground was broken on a community-owned safari ranch last June and two of the tents are completed. We launched this project because all of our poverty reduction work in the area (the building of a kitchen at the local school, the creation of a foster program for our hero Rosina, children's garden and chicken farm) pointed to one thing: there is no local economy! We are working with the tribal leader Leva to manage the camp in a proper manner (tourism professionals are volunteering their time). Leva and his tribe own this camp outright! No foreigner will ever make a single dollar here!

The camp gives us the opportunity to continue what we've already started. We are laying the foundation for a community center/vocational school next to the camp that will give young people more information about how AIDs is spread (this is one of Kenya's hot spots). Children will come to our center to learn English, computer and other skills that will help them climb out of a cycle of destruction that is prevalent in this part of Kenya. The school will also double as a foster care center.

In July we sent a nutritional team down to study the area. Suggestions have been made and we're now contacting several larger organizations for help. Our Director is meeting with the US Ambassador to UN projects in Rome this week.

One of our most recent volunteers, Maddie Carsman of Portland OR, returned home from her service trip to Kenya inspired to raise funds for a bore hole (well) that will benefit 1,800 HIV orphans Mtito. Maddie is just 17 and she has decided to put the onus of the project on her own shoulders! She is working directly with our Executive Director and local managers in Kenya.

The greenhouse we built for the children of Mtito Andei is already producing vegetables! See photo attachment.

the greenhouse we built is already producing!
the greenhouse we built is already producing!
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