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Global Roots improves the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children with support of local humanitarians from all over the world. We feel the best way to bring about positive change is to offer assistance to the humanitarians who have already taken the first step to help the children in their local community. They are our heroes and it is through them that Global Roots works to protect the world's most valuable asset, its children.
Oct 10, 2013

Children's Gardens, hen houses, HIV/Aids outreach

our new garden at Matulani
our new garden at Matulani

We have just finished our most productive period ever in Mtito Andei, Kenya.

Over the last two months we have erected a new greenhouse that will provide fresh vegetables to over 256 more children at Matulani elementary school. We are currently growing tomatoes inside the greenhouse and kale outside. Our giant greenhouse (a 5K professional structure) is large enough to keep the elephants away. It is so large that the elephants stay away from our kale and our water supply.

One of the challenges of our new Matulani garden is the additinal cost of water. The school is connected to the city of Mtito's plumbing network so it will cost us an aditional $125 per month to irrigate the garden in the dry season. Unfortunately, the dry season in Mtito lasts for about eight months.

Our master gardener from our existing successful garden at Matangini (20 minutes away by mortorbike) is overseeing our new garden. This, however, is too much work for one gardener. We are looking to add a second master gardener and this will be an additional expense of $120 per month. Thanks to generous past donations from longtime donors Patrick Firouzian and the Trover Family Foundation of Oregon -- as well as ongoing individual donations from Global Giving (including $100 per month from Carolyn Stoebuck), this garden is funded through the end of the year!

We are also happy to report that 100 healthy chicks were purchased from an excellent producer and deliverd to our new hen house Matulani. We spent $1,265 on a three month program that will end up producing 200 eggs a day for several years. The high expense is due to the costs of layers mash and the professional care fo the chicks. Chicks are very fragile and easily stressed.

After three months, 50 of our 100 chicks will be transfered to our brand new hen house at Matagnini school. The current chickens we keep at Matangini are too old to lay healthy eggs. Instead, these chickens are being fed well in anticipation of their slaughter. The meat will of course we delivered to the area's poorest families.

Our greenhouse at Matangini has been successfullly replanted and is doing wonderful.

The vegetables from our gardens and eggs from our hen houses fuel school lunch programs for 600 children who would other wise not be able to concentrate at school due to hunger! Our school lunches also convince local parents to return their children to school!

In a new program, over 30 of the poorest local children who previously dressed only in rags we given new clothes by Global Roots represenative Richtie Mutua. 15 children even got to pick out their own clothes. This is important because these children no longer have to feel inferior when they go to school.

Recently we launched an HIV/Aids campaign in Mtito Andei which will help enhance local knowledge about this disease. We have attached a photo of a recent outreach session below.

HIV/aids outreach
HIV/aids outreach
clothing delivery!
clothing delivery!
egg distribution
egg distribution
Oct 10, 2013

Crisis in Afghanistan

The Baharak Children
The Baharak Children's Garden

Our current Children's Garden and Chicken egg farm has reached such a level of success in Baharak, Afghanistan that other communities want to duplicate it.

Our director Rick Montgomery has been working diligently with our local partners to create a new program in nearby Faizabad. Please see the attached photos of our thriving project in Baharak. A successful meeting in Kabul last spring between Rick, a village elder and the local manaber of our Baharak Children's Garden (BCG) led to great confidence that a new project in Faizabad will be successful even if it happens right under the nose of the Taliban.

Recently, however, we have had problems keeping in touch with our local manager due to the increased activity of the Taliban in the Badakshan region. We are monitoring the situation carefully and we are praying for the local managers of our project.

If all goes well, ground will be broken on a new Children's Garden and hen house in Faizabad by April, 2014 and our next oversight mission will take place shortly thereafter.

Now is the time to protect children in Badakshan! Nothing is more important than food. A close second to food is the emotional support our children gain from time spent in our gardens and hen houses. The food we grow supports a foster care network because good families will take in children if they have food to feed them. Thanks to our gardens and hen houses our children find loving foster homes because they do not come empty handed.

Global Roots is currently seeking major funding from several Western European governments who left Afghanistan after a very frustrating experience with NATO. We are also seeking funding from US Aid. Time will tell if large grant giving organizations can see the value in our grassroots, locally led strategy.

Thank you for your help and for sharing our belief that the best aid programs begin with the feeding of a needy child -- and that it's best to teach a child how to feed him or herself or at least empower local caregivers to get the job done in the most sustainable manner possible.

BCG -- a sustainable way to feed Afghan orphans
BCG -- a sustainable way to feed Afghan orphans
Oct 4, 2013

current status of Carole's "Maasai 72"

Our founder with the Maasai 72
Our founder with the Maasai 72

Global Roots founder Rick Montgomery visited Carole Nangeya's FGM rescue center in Kilgoris in August with the intention of erecting a 5K greenhouse with Global Roots construction manager Jared Busi. 

Upon arrival, Rick handed out clothing to Carole's girls (donated by Saint Thomas elementary in Medina, WA) and he also sat down to make the Global Roots quarterly donation to the boarding school costs of Carole's 72 girls.

In the process of performing typical Global Roots due diligence, Rick learned that Kenyan healthy authorities had deemed that Carole's home is too small to house so many girls. Rick immediately paid a visit to another, much larger house that can be used for the project. The problem with the new home is that is lacks a security fence to protect the girls from local threats.

Rick paced the property with Jared and the two hammered out a refurbishment plan that will turn the new house into a perfect rescue center for the girls by December.

Rick then returned to the USA to start raising funds for a much larger project. We have decided to focus on raising funds for the security fence first so that the girls will at least have a safe place to go when their current home is closed in December. Once the fence is financed, we will start with a simple refurbishment of the home (15K), the construction of a 20 bunk sleeping dorm, and then we will begin with our usuall "sustainabilty projects" -- a water well, greenhouse and hen house.

Rick is returning to Kenya to meet with the Permanent Secretary of Education in Nairobi as well as a senator from Carole's area. School fees remain a major cost that also must be covered. We are hoping that Rick will secure a scholarship from the Kenyan government for all 72 girls. Another option is to seek funding for a school of their own.

These are "the Maasai 72" and we will not give up on them! Please donate whatever you can. We will send you quarterly updates on the project. Note: it would cost just $500 for you to sponsor one of our Maasai 72 for a year! We will introduce you to your girl and you can keep in touch with her as she goes through school!

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