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Venture Strategies Innovations (VSI) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving women's health in developing countries by creating access to effective and affordable technologies on a large scale.
Sep 20, 2012

Closing, but not an end: Thank you!

Our work in Ethiopia has been centered on reaching women where they are. Reaching women in communities outside the city limits, hours and an uncomfortable car ride away from the nearest health center that houses the medicines and skilled professionals needed to save lives. These are the communities we serve.

Building upon the work of our parent organization Venture Strategies for Health and Development, collectively we have worked towards improving women’s health in Ethiopia by increasing access to misoprostol since 2007. We recognized then that life-saving misoprostol tablets presented a unique opportunity to impact the lives of women in a country where the overwhelming majority of mothers deliver at home - if only these tablets were put into the hands of those closest to women to help. And so we began our work to introduce misoprostol for the prevention and treatment of excessive bleeding after childbirth, or postpartum hemorrhage, the number one killer of mothers worldwide. After years of advocacy and demonstrating in the field that frontline health care providers could use misoprostol to save lives, in June 2010 we achieved government approval of misoprostol. This policy milestone allowed the medicine to be imported and distributed to prevent life-threatening bleeding, and was essentially the first step to reaching women throughout the country.

In the five years since the program began over half a million tablets were donated, 11,147 providers were trained, and 1,076 community members participated in peer group coffee ceremonies to discuss the importance of reproductive health services. Today, VSI continues our work in Ethiopia to ensure that all women have access to this simple medication that save lives. However as the year comes to a close, we too must close this project on Global Giving. Within our organization we need to pause, assess and engage our partners on-the-ground to adapt our program to meet the evolving needs of Ethiopia’s women. This time will allow us to plan programs strategically and ensure fundraising efforts match the need.

It’s likely you will see a new and improved Ethiopia project in 2013. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay connected to VSI's work through our website and the VSI Facebook and Twitter profiles. Thank you for your support and dedication to women in Ethiopia and around the world. It is because of advocates like you that our work is stronger and we can do more. On behalf of the women we serve “amesegenallo” and we hope that you will keep in touch!

Jun 12, 2012

Coffee for a Cause

Ethiopian HEW, pouring coffee
Ethiopian HEW, pouring coffee

The women sit in a circle facing one another smiling and laughing. They are all farmers from the same rural community in Kola Tembien, Ethiopia who have volunteered to be here. In the middle of the circle a young woman begins to slowly pour dark coffee into glasses, paying special care to avoid any grinds. These coffee ceremonies are a traditional part of Ethiopian culture and social life, but today’s ceremony has a special focus and a specific goal.

The young woman leading the ceremony is a Health Extension Worker (HEW), a government-deployed health care provider posted in this rural region of Ethiopia to assist the community with basic healthcare needs. VSI has enlisted the help of thousands of HEWs on the provision of life-saving misoprostol tablets. Today, this young HEW will use the coffee ceremony as a means to lead an important discussion with the women of her village. The ceremony is a conduit to create a safe space for women to share their experiences with reproductive health services and serve as peer advisors for one another. Hours later, after the third cup of coffee, the women have openly shared their concerns, challenges and success stories.

VSI-sponsored coffee ceremonies, much like this one, took place in four health posts across Kola Tembien, and many more are planned. In the last four ceremonies over 120 women participated, offering their perspectives and experiences with reproductive health. The encouraging news is that women are aware of the services offered and the importance of taking advantage of them. The disheartening fact is that these services are not universally available throughout the country or are simply too far to reach for many women in remote areas. Our mission is aimed at increasing access to essential medical services and supplies so that all women – no matter where they live – have the opportunity to empower and protect themselves. Your support to this project means that VSI can work to improve women’s health and reach more women with life-saving medicines and services.

Mar 13, 2012

International Women's Day: Looking to the future

On March 8th VSI celebrated International Women’s Day. We take this day each year to celebrate the women in our programs – the women we serve and the women that serve others. This year as a global community we recognized how far we have already come in improving the lives of women around the world, and yet there is still so much left to accomplish. 

VSI is undertaking a new scope of work in two rural districts of Tigray, Ethiopia. It is an awareness campaign focused on educating rural women on: 1) the importance of birth spacing and family planning, 2) warning signs of life-threatening incomplete abortion and miscarriage and 3) misoprostol for women’s health amongst a population where maternal death and disability are high. This campaign will engage important village-level health agents, such a traditional midwives and health extension workers, and use forums like traditional coffee ceremonies to talk to women about their reproductive health. The goal is to increase awareness of reproductive health services at the health post and the use of family planning after delivery.  Support to our Ethiopia program can further this project’s goals and impact the hardest to reach women with life-saving information.

When we save women’s lives, we strengthen entire communities, so walk this last mile with us. With your help we can celebrate and empower women everywhere.