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The River Fund is dedicated to providing physical, emotional and spiritual support, to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and other life challenging illnesses and circumstances, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. We serve the poor, those who often are alone and in need - regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age.
Dec 6, 2011

December 2011 Report

Acholi Women helping and training their community
Acholi Women helping and training their community

From:  River Fund Women Association – Kitgum



This report covers the second phase of implementation of the Long Term Survival Skills for rural women on HIV/AIDS.  While the first phase covered the sub-county of Labongo Amida, the second was based within Town Council in 3 Parishes of Guu, Alango and Pandwong.

Activities Implemented

1.  Participation in World Aids Day
The River Fund women were invited and participated in World Aids Day at Orom sub-county with the help of AVSI.  They carried out demonstration on the Table of Health and a Healthy Plate.  This very much excited the district officials and the crown watching.  The Association was hence encouraged by the RDC and LCV to register with the district.

2.  Registration
Following the encouragement of the LCV and RDC, River Fund Women is now registered with Kitgum District Local Government (a mandatory requirement) and Kitgum NGO Forum (Kingfo) which is a net working body for NGOs/CBO in Kitgum.

3.  Training on Food Demonstration
Three representatives of the River Fund Women Association attended a three days training on food demonstration and preparation organized by St. Joseph’s Hospital.  After which the 3 again conducted a similar training for the rest of the group members to build on their skills.

4.  Identification of Malnourished Children and HIV+ Mothers
As a follow up to the community mobilization and meetings in Amida sub-county which ended in 2009, the River Fund Women decided to move their operation to Kitgum Town Council in view of the fact that the camps were being dismantled.  Consequently, HIV+ mothers and malnourished children in 7 villages from the Parishes of Guu, Alango and Pandwong were identified for nutrition education and community HIV/AIDS education.

5.  Outreach Education
Following the identification of malnourished children and their mothers and mothers who are HIV+, the women group carried out the following outreach activities.

(a)          Food demonstration to mothers of malnourished children
At each village in the 3 Parishes above, mothers were first taught the (3) three food grouping (energy giving, body building and Vitamins).  They were later taught on how to mix some essential food items and how to cook them and give to malnourished children and HIV + persons using locally available food items.  Each mother was provided with ¼ bar of soap to help them wash their hands and cooking utensils before they begin to cook the food.

(b)          Survival skills training for HIV+ mothers
HIV+ mothers were given survival skills training on how they can improve their health through proper nutrition, stress management and counseling.

To help in its work, the group was assisted with saucepans, plates, jerry cans, cups, and hoes by St. Joseph Hospital.  These were supplemented by group contributions as well as money withdrawn from the River Fund Account.

Items donated by St. Joseph Hospital
3 small saucepans, 20 plastic plates, 2 jerry cans, 4 plastic cups and 4 hoes.

Items donated by the Group
Potatoes, Cassava, Tomatoes, pumpkins, assorted vegetables, garlic, green papers, sardine fish and fruits like: pawpaw, oranges, banana, water melon, guava, avocado, pineapples and carrots.

Items bought
9 boxes of washing soap, 4 smoked fish, ½ bag of maize corn, ½ bag of fine posho, 16 kgm millet, ¼ bag of sugar, ½ cartoon of salt, 4 kgm of meat, ¼ bag of beans, 1 bag of unshelled ground nut, 1 tray of eggs, 1 kgm of onions, 3 ltrs of cooking oil totaling to shs.500,000/=.


    • Registration with the District
    • Registration with the Kitgum NGO Forum
    • 812 mothers were trained
    • 136 children identified (see attached copy)
    • Recognition by the district authorities and other partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS
    • Follow up of the growth of the malnourished children using mauc tape.


-              Late start of the training session as the community has to attend to their gardens first.

-              Unfavorable weather to planted food items

-              Expensive hiring of cameras for coverage and this made most of the activities not to be covered.

-              Some mothers still fear disclosing their HIV status

-              Lack of office accommodation

-              Inadequate assistance to children whose parents have died with HIV/AIDS


                Regular follow up of the mothers sensitized

                Regular weighing of the malnourished children

                Sensitization to cover all the Parishes within Town Council

                Community be encouraged to go for VCT

                Continuous community meetings

                Construction of office accommodation for the group

Future Plan

                Provision of food supplement to malnourished children

                Follow up and home base care for HIV+ and malnourished children whose parents have died or affected with HIV/AIDS.

                Training of community Volunteers


a.            The Group appreciates the help of those well-wishers who contributed to help the group move forward with their activities.  However there is still much work to be done on the ground.  We appeal to other well-wishers to join hands so that together we can combat malnutrition from our community and support/care for those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

b.            We appreciate the LCs and the VHTs who helped the group in their mobilization in the villages and we encourage such team work to continue.

c.             We also thanked St. Joseph Hospital who took interest in our activity and provided us with training on food mixing and to monitor the growth of the malnourished children.

d.            Last but not least, the continuous support and guidance of Msgr. Matthew Ojara.                                     

We wish to conclude by extending our appreciation to all those who helped us in one way or another.

May God bless you.

Karmela Lam
Chairperson River Fund Women Association

Nov 30, 2011

December 2011 Report


Report from LH.

First of all I would like to say Namaste to the River Fund for their continuous support since 2005 and to Global Giving
and like minded donors from different parts of the world.

All the children at "little HEARTS orphanage" Nellore are doing very well. 

Last month children celebrated Diwali festival by lighting Candles and by firing crackers.  It was joy filled day for all the children.

On 11th 6 member group of Americans (Ms.Jessica Martin, Ms.Sue, Ms.Kim, Ms.Sheila, Ms.Kelly and Mr.John Leeson visited little hearts and spent 2 days with children and bought play things for children and the group donated Rs.7,690 to little hearts.  Once again this group proved that Americans are generous and very friendly people. Thanks to Jessica and group. 

Through Ms.Jessica, we have received one more donation of Rs.4,500/- from Ma Jaya.  Ma Jaya is always very loving and caring of children. Once again thanks to Ma Jaya.

On 21st Mr.Tony and his friends visited little hearts and distributed Dinner Steel plates and steel glasses to all the children.

On 21st Ms.Priyanka (Pinky) who is studying 1st year dental medicine and regular visitor to little hearts donated mats to Little hearts.

The Right Now Foundation, UK has donated Rs.34,800 to buy new clothes to all the children for Christmas and New Year 2012. Thanks to The Right Now Foundation.

On 22nd we have received a call from Women & Child Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, requested us to give short stay for an HIV mother of 3 children.  They stayed at little hearts for 3 days and left back to their place. 

This is an expensive month for Little hearts because spent money for repairing Bath Room, Toilets and painting work done inside walls.

Kindly accept my apologies for delay in submitting report to quarterly report to GG as my mother hospitalised due to
Galbladder, Pancrease problems.



Nov 15, 2011

RARUDO quarterly Report of November 2011.

Goat raising project.
Goat raising project.
On behalf of the board and community members, I am pleased to share with you RARUDO quarterly Report of November 2011.

We hope you will take a few minutes to read about our progress over the past months, and about the women, children and men we work for every day.

Thanks to your incredible generosity and contribution from our dear donors. Your support raised through this year is already at work changing lives of our people. With your donations, our people from Tororo, Busia, and Bugiri were ble get some improved seeds and foods that at least made them go through the long experienced harvesting period without much starving. This support was timely in that helped improve the nutrition for especially our people living positive with HIV/AIDS.

At last now there is enough rain, people everywhere are very busy with garden work, and this brings hope that there will be enough food in
this second rain season, they will have enough to eat and some for income. Our orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) received
schooling materials and uniforms and going to school is just the start of their journey to a better life. By getting an education these OVCs and girl - child
can find good jobs and lift themselves, their families and their communities out of grinding poverty.
To discover more, our women are making great achievement as in economic empowerment through their agriculture development, goat’s project
integrated with piggery is gradually transforming their lives economically. In the entire three district ladies are greatly struggling to change the society
by spending much time gardening and ensure there is enough food in the house and a surplus for micro-income earning for sustainability. Tailoring and craft
making is another inspiring project in  which has helped 40 women get a vital knowledge in generating  a side income and will be helping over 100 women over the coming 2 years.

Thank you for standing with us as we continue to work toward improving the Lives of women and children and families everywhere, and preserving the environment
that sustains us all. I want to extend my sincere regards to all friends in the US, UK and everyone who have and are making this work possible.
May God bless you.
Warm Regards
Onyango Joseph 

Executive Director

Exercise book distribution to orphans
Exercise book distribution to orphans
Piggery project
Piggery project
RARUDO group vegetable garden
RARUDO group vegetable garden

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