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Mar 4, 2011

Green program to areas mounth merapi

About 10 kilometers near from mount merapi
About 10 kilometers near from mount merapi

One of the impacts due to the eruption of Mount Merapi a few months ago was almost all the trees in about 20 kilometers of Mount Merapi were charred due to being hit with the hot ash from Mount Merapi, so that the dry conditions there are no longer any trees, lush green forests that have now become dry .
This condition makes us to make the greening program in the vicinity of Mount Merapi through our reforestation project on GlobalGiving.
Wikno one of the refugees living in refugee barracks Argo Mulyo village Cangkringan Sleman said that it would be very useful if the location of Mount Merapi was the location of the greening.
The expectation to the donors for the implementation of our programs can help this.
As previously, we say many thanks for all your help.

Mounth Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta
Mounth Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta
Mar 3, 2011

Refugees is still waiting for assistance

Refugee barrack in Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta
Refugee barrack in Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta

We have received a budget of $ 3,449. This budget has been used for relief food and drinks for displaced victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi in Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta.
Sri one of the refugees said that food aid is very meaningful for refugees Mount Merapi as of late relief was rarely come, while we need to eat and drink every day, because we do not have a permanent job.
From the results of our interviews with refugees that actually want refugees life skills programs and venture capital, so that refugees can have a job anymore, because their houses, livestock, rice fields, gardens and their efforts before have all been destroyed by the eruption of Mount Merapi. Now the refugees have started a new life with a temporary home provided by the Government. While their house has been destroyed and is no longer to be occupied or repaired because the Government has banned for not staying about 20 kilometers from Mount Merapi.
In addition, the refugees also expect the existence of a free education for their children so their children also can get free education such as tutoring, TPA, computer learning, learn English and a place to play together in the barracks.
We hope to GlobalGiving donors to continue to provide assistance so that our lives can be better.
We extend our gratitude to the donors GlobalGiving for any help.

Aminah looking for firewood to be sold again
Aminah looking for firewood to be sold again
Provision of food aid
Provision of food aid
20 kilometers there are no more houses and trees
20 kilometers there are no more houses and trees
Dec 28, 2010

Merapi eruption of IDPs is pathetic

Merapi eruption of IDPs is pathetic

The eruption of Mount Merapi has destroyed thousands of houses, rice paddies, fields, gardens and even the population of cattle destroyed by the eruption of Merapi. These conditions resulted in hundreds of thousands of residents have fled to safer areas, one of the refugee location is the stadium or field Maguwoharjo Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Mrs Nining one refugee from the village bronggang argomulyo Cangkringan says' all residents who live close to Merapi volcano will be moved somewhere else, because the government considers too dangerous if at any time Merapi volcano erupts again. It's just that we are still living in refugee location while because barracks made by the government has not done".

According to our monitoring team that the specific location Stadium or field Maguwoharjo to 1,500 refugee families. As a result, many children no longer can attend school and unemployment due to their property destroyed by the eruption of Mount Merapi.

After we talked with the refugees, many refugees complained about the education of their children who should have learned well, but the place was not feasible. In addition, their books are also very limited.

Mrs. Suniarti expect any help organizing a free education because our children have left school and could not learn. We sincerely hope our children can learn well and there is help books, school uniforms, bags and shoes.

We've received donations totaling $ 513 and this donation we have used for providing assistance to refugees in the stadium or field Maguwoharjo Sleman Yogyakarta, among others;
a. provision of food aid
b. assistance is ready to drink bottled water
c. mask
d. Medicines (herbal medicine and cold medicine).
e. Additional nutrition for children

Thanks globalgiving donors who have trusted us to channel aid through PUSPEM foundation.

Towards the end of the year is a time for us to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 to all the donors GlobalGiving and GlobalGiving team celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas.
Success for you, now and in the future!

PUSPEM Foundation Team