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1. Identification for community basic potential in Indonesia 2. Helping the effort of empowering communities and increasing self-help activities through skill development in the technology, economic and management sectors 3. Supporting the effort of democracy and open-mindedness as conditions for creativity development, equal rights and opportunity 4. Avocation activities for people
Aug 17, 2011

The development of reforestation programs in Indon

The development of reforestation programs in Indonesia

Planting 1 billion trees program (One Man One Tree) have been socialized to community organizations and NGO's that concern with green issues in Indonesia.
Billions of trees had been planted, now the trees have aged 3 months to 2 years. We are very grateful that the trees we have planted 80% can be grown successfully, the rest die because eaten by animals and the influence of erratic weather. But this can be considered successful because the trees have grown well.

Supri one of our volunteers say the program of planting 1 billion trees have been going well, just that there are several constraints faced by officers in implementing this program, among others;
1. tree planting land itself has been turned into housing, plantations, rice fields and farm location.
2. Erratic climate changes
3. The existence of irresponsible person who is selling the trees to the company or individuals

Some of the locations that we can have up to date can not be the trees we planted because budget constraints in the program.

We hope to remedy the donors can continue to provide assistance so that the program can be implemented with the maximum.

In addition we also wish to express to the donors so that the program can implemented well though gradually.

May 23, 2011

Hope Displaced Victims of the Eruption of Mount Merapi

Kosebrata Barrack in Cangkringan
Kosebrata Barrack in Cangkringan

Until now displaced by the eruption of Mount Merapi still survive in refugee barracks kosebrata Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta. Environmental conditions and their homes near the Mount Merapi which is badly damaged and very dangerous to life because it was very close to Mount Merapi, so that the local government prohibits its citizens to live close to Merapi volcano because of fears the mountain could erupt at any trim while.

The refugees now expected to settle in refugee barracks houses that had been prepared by the government. But the refugees do not know what should work, because the rice paddies, fields and gardens around Mount Merapi as a place of their work can no longer be used for gardening or farming.

Purwanto as local community leaders said that the refugees currently require skills training and business capital to create jobs.

Thank you very much we say to the donors who have channeled aid through GlobalGiving. we look forward to the donors to continue to provide assistance so that until the refugees can live independently without expecting more assistance.

May 23, 2011

Socialization of tree planting program "one man one tree"

In April, our team has done extension phase 2 extension tree planting programs "one man one tree" this is done to support government efforts in the program to plant 1 billion trees (one man one tree).

Besides, we also have provided assistance fruit tree seedlings (1 tree to 1 house). expected in the provision of seeds of this tree can grow the awareness of society to love the tree and plant it, love the environment and preserve the forest.

Climate change is happening in Indonesia is very concerned about even more than that. The heat and erratic rainfall in Indonesia make a number of areas hit by flash floods. This is certainly due to the already unstable nature. Because it is necessary awareness to all parties to keep our earth. And one way to stabilize the earth is a lot of planting trees.

Our target is to plant a million trees, so to support this effort we call upon donors to continue to assist so that this program can be maximized.

We express our thanks to our many donors so that the program is still fulfilled.