Centre for Community Development Studies (PUSPEM)

1. Identification for community basic potential in Indonesia 2. Helping the effort of empowering communities and increasing self-help activities through skill development in the technology, economic and management sectors 3. Supporting the effort of democracy and open-mindedness as conditions for creativity development, equal rights and opportunity 4. Avocation activities for people
Argo Mulyo Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta
Jalan Kalasan - Pakem, Cangkringan, Indonesia
(-7.66892, 110.46338)
Bogor Jawa Barat
Jalan Entrance Tol Cikarang Timur, Bekasi, Indonesia
(-6.34660, 107.18262)
Bogor, Indonesia
Jalan Abesin, Bogor, Indonesia
(-6.58719, 106.79342)
Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia
Jalan Kalasan - Pakem, Cangkringan, Indonesia
(-7.65089, 110.44415)
Education for 100 Banda Aceh orphans
(3.56021, 97.38281)
Jalan Pepaya, Ciomas, Indonesia
(-6.62954, 106.78413)
Relief for Natural Disaster Victims In Indonesia
(-6.66461, 112.57032)
Trees Cultivation to lessen impact Global Warming
Jalan Ciburial - Pintu Ledeng, Ciomas, Indonesia
(-6.60732, 106.76514)