Machik's mission is to strengthen communities on the Tibetan Plateau. Founded on a core commitment to the ideals of service and engagement, we work to develop new opportunities for education and training, as well as supporting initiatives that advance innovative and solutions-oriented approaches to the challenges of community revitalization and sustainability.
Oct 11, 2011

Back from a Successful 2011 Summer Enrichment Program!

Machik’s 2011 Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) was held from July 22 to August 19 on the Tibetan plateau and brought Tibetan, Chinese, and global volunteers to work with rural Tibetan students.

The volunteers hailed from Cornell University, Emory University, George Washington University, University of Pennsylvania, Southwest University for Nationalities, Tibet University, and the University of Virginia, among other schools.

High school students from Appleby College in Toronto, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, and the Shanghai Foreign Language University in Fuzhong, participated in the Community Mapping Project (CMP), which documents cultural knowledge of local Tibetan communities.

The students’ accomplishments include the following:

  • An original drama performance (in English) of a Tibetan folktale by the theater class
  • Learning English
  • Studying Tibetan and Tibetan literature
  • The formation of Forever Together Ltd., a student-run social business that collaborated with the music and art classes to earn a 5,200 RMB profit, which they donated back to Machik
  • Performance of Tibetan songs and dances at the final presentation
  • Original artwork including a quilt and other mixed media art
  • Presentation on scientific projects through fun, hands-on activities
  • Creation of a music CD in English and Tibetan
  • Forming new friendships among Tibetans from different regions, Chinese, and global volunteers 

The SEP is a unique program that offers much needed educational enrichment to rural Tibetan students while strengthening cross-cultural understanding among all participants.  Thank you to all the donors who generously supported 2011 SEP.  We hope you will continue your support by donating to the 2012 SEP.  Together we can continue to enrich the education of Tibetan children and build understanding in vital ways.

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May 23, 2011

Gearing up for Machik's Summer Enrichment Program in July!

The staff of Machik DC and Chengdu and numerous volunteers around the world are preparing to convene in Chengdu, Sichuan, for Machik’s annual Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) from July 22 to August 19. We are now enrolling rural Tibetan students who come from all 3 major regions of Tibet: Kham, Amdo, and U-tsang, including 8 students from the Tibetan Blind Vocational Training School.
This year’s team of volunteer teachers hail from prestigious schools such as the University of Baltimore, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, George Washington University, and from Chinese schools such as Southwest University for Nationalities, Beijing University, Qinghai University for Nationalities, Tongji University, and the University of International Business and Economics. Volunteers are forging international partnerships and developing curricula for this summer’s classes, which cover topics such as Tibetan language, social entrepreneurship, health, the arts, science, and English.
We are scheduling guest speakers, outstanding Tibetan, Chinese and global experts on topics such as Tibetan language, films, health, social business, and even Tibetan mushrooms!  The speakers will present on their areas of expertise to the Tibetan students. 
In the Tibetan context, Machik's SEP is an unprecedented and innovative program that provides a unique learning opportunity for both the Tibetan students and a diverse group of volunteers. Funds are urgently required to meet our projected budget. Donate today to support a vibrant future for the youth of Tibet!
Feb 16, 2011

Getting Set for 2011 Summer Enrichment Program!

Machik’s 2011 Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) will be held from July 22 through August 19, convening 100 rural Tibetan students from across the Tibetan plateau. Over 40 volunteers, including local Tibetans, Chinese, Americans and Canadians will teach subjects ranging from entrepreneurship to theater and film-making. Students from Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, Appleby College in Toronto, and Fudan Fuzhong in Shanghai will work with Chungba students on the Cultural Mapping Project (CMP), a project to build a model of depicting the cultural landscape of a Tibetan rural community.

Core classes will include Tibetan, science, math, English, and computer skills. Electives will include music, art, film and theater. A special course on social entrepreneurship has been seeded by $300 raised by the 2010 SEP class from their small business selling handmade postcards!

The 2011 SEP promises to be another dynamic opportunity to support the enrichment education of rural Tibetan youth, but it cannot happen without your support. With an expanded program, our projected budget has increased and we need the support of the GlobalGiving community to raise $10,000 for this one-of-a-kind program. Donate today to provide a unique summer enrichment experience for youth from across the Tibetan plateau!