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Jul 16, 2014

Growing Friendships!

SEP reunion in Xining
SEP reunion in Xining

Year after year, students and volunteers remark on how much they value the friendships forged over several weeks of living and working together at the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP). So we continue to connect the growing community of SEP alumni!

At the end of every SEP, all participants can choose to share their contact information. We then create lively social media groups and discussions which continue many years after the actual program. We recently also launched a website dedicated to SEP alumni; check it out here:

And of course, reunions also happen frequently in person. It was wonderful to hear from a group that met in Xining last week and shared the photo above with us. SEP student alumnus Gendun C (2011, 2013), Dorjee (2013), SEP volunteer Khashem (2013) and Machik staffer Samdrup (2012, 2013) met up to reminisce about SEP over Xining's famous noodles. And a few weeks before that, another reunion took place over hotpot in Chengdu involving two volunteer alumni and two student alumni.

These are some of many such encounters that grow lasting friendships and greater understanding between young Tibetans, Chinese and global citizens. The Summer Enrichment Program takes place over a few weeks but the postive results continue to play out over a lifetime. Thank you all for supporting SEP! 


Apr 10, 2014

Seeking volunteers for a summer in Tibet!

Dear friend,

We are excited to announce the opening of applications for Summer Enrichment Program 2014 volunteers! The program will be held from July 15 to August 9, 2014. Ideal candidates are hard working, fun, and passionate about education. If you know someone, please encourage them to get in touch with me, we'd love to hear from them! More information is also available at the link below.

SEP volunteers can have a once in a lifetime experience teaching students from all over the Tibetan plateau and making friends from all over the globe. As always, we are grateful for your care and support for the education of children who face incredibly difficult circumstances yet remain determined to grow and learn!

From all of us at Machik, Thuji Che! (Thank you in Tibetan)


Dec 27, 2013

Watch the Summer Enrichment Program 2013 video!

In rare moments of stillness when I got to sit by the sacred lake Tso Ngonpo, I felt so grateful to return to Tibet for Machik's Summer Enrichment Program 2013 (SEP).

One of the students I got to know this year was Karma, a lanky boy from Yushu, Eastern Tibet. One cold evening I asked him how he liked SEP so far. In his usual thoughtful manner, he replied: “This opportunity is precious to me. In my hometown, I never get to talk with people from all around the world.”

Karma's eagerness to connect with others is a core part of the SEP experience. Whether working alongside each other serving daily meals or rambling over green mountains in the evenings, I once again saw the possibilities that arise from opening our hearts to new encounters. This is the beauty of SEP.

I am thrilled to share with you a video filmed and edited by Khashem Gyal, rising young Tibetan filmmaker and marvelous SEP volunteer. With assistance from students in his photography class, Khashem has beautifully captured the spirit of our intrepid SEP community. Please check out the SEP 2013 video here:

Thank you for making this summer possible for many young Tibetans like Karma!