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Happy Trails Riding Center is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and special needs through horsemanship and social opportunities. We are a 501c3 non-profit. A PATH center and a chapter of Disabled Sports USA.
Jul 25, 2012

July 2012

Musical horse shoe symbol
Musical horse shoe symbol

Our summer has been so very much fun so far. We held our first Horses-n-Harmony camp where riders learned basic riding, learned new camp songs (taught by a music therapist) and created a musical horse shoe symbol while meeting new friends.This month Happy Trails hosted a Down Syndrome Network Oregon summer party for people with down syndrome and their families. We served approximately 44 riders and their families at this event. We will have our annual ride-a-thon on August 11th.

Our classes go through November each year and in fall we will have our pumpkin carving camp and fall dance. We will also have our fall diner auction, The Black Beauty Banquet at the Oregon Golf Club on October 13th. We hope you will be able to join us!  We are currently procuring auction items and will be selling tickets soon for this event. We remain a non-profit that is primarily run by volunteers and funded by donation. We are so thankful to all of you who have helped make our programs possible.

Together we are making a difference!

Music therapist leading camp songs
Music therapist leading camp songs
Apr 24, 2012

Thank You Donors! Financial Summary for 2011

5 Year Celebration  & Ride-A-Thon
5 Year Celebration & Ride-A-Thon

2011 Program Summary
Thank you!

Thank you so very much for helping support our local non-profit, Happy Trails Riding Center, in 2011.  We are proud of our accomplishments and the effects we’ve had on people in our community during our first five years. Here is a short summary of how the funds you donated helped our organization. 

We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun and educational riding and social opportunities for people with disabilities and special needs. We continue to strive to reach our annual operating budget and financially sustain our programs. But have proven our flexibility to change in difficult economic conditions and our willingness to try new opportunities to learn, grow to be able to continue to serve people with disabilities and special needs in our community. 

        Horse Riding Experiences

Year        People   Rides   Income    Expenses    Budget
2006        40        125        $23,667    $23.662*    N/A
2007        67        172        $38,466    $32,767*    $77,250
2008        67        207        $75,239    $52,594*     $100,000
2009        68        329        $79,504    $57,140*    $100,000
2010        68        342        $69,672    $66,960*    $100,000
2011        66        272        $67,348    $67,304*    $100,000

* Due to shortfall in budget, staff was again primarily volunteer

In addition to the horse riding experiences we provide (shown in the chart above) we also provide a variety of social opportunities for our clientele. In 2011 we served 15 people in our first sports camp, 21 people at our movie night, approximately 50 people at our Ride-A-Thon and Five Year Celebration and 70 people at our fall dance for people with disabilities and special needs and their friends and families. We continue to make social opportunities available to our clients.

We’ve stayed true to our mission - we provide a place for people with disabilities and special needs to enhance their lives through horsemanship and social opportunities. We have enjoyed teaching people from age 2-85 with a wide range of disabilities including: Down Syndrome, developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, ADD/H, hearing and visual impairments, separation anxiety, epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Fragile X and Rhett Syndrome. We continue to function with the help of approximately 50 volunteers per year. The program is funded in part by tuition (approximately 10%), but primarily by donations.

Horse riding lessons and other social opportunities at HTRC continues to be one of very few activities offered specifically for people with disabilities and special needs in our community.  Our programs have enhanced so many lives. We’d like to share a few of the comments we  received in 2011 from people involved in Happy Trails for you to see what great things you are helping provide.

“I rode Texas last Thursday. He used to be a rodeo-queen’s horse. These days  he spends some of his time in service to kids and adults with particularly domineering physical challenges. Myself included! …Mom said I had a ‘rosy glow’ after my riding time and she was right. I could feel it inside and out.”  Teisha (rider)

“I’ve been riding a lot the past few days and it’s all still kind of just blowing my mind — can’t quite find words to talk about it, really. I probably will find some words at some point, knowing me. … Anyway, it’s been just the best thing ever. I am so happy.” Alicia (rider)

“Nicole, Thanks for helping keep Neil busy this summer. It means a lot.”
“Neil was so excited - he was up extra early. Thanks.”
-Lise (Parent of Rider and Participant in our Summer Sports Camp and other social opportunities)

“Had such an awesome time horseback riding tonight!
I hope I feel well enough next week after my surgery to ride again.”  Kayla  (rider)

We have not received any complaints or had any accidents at Happy Trails. All feedback has been positive.

We have learned so much in our first five years and have proven to be able to continue to provide our services in the hardest financial times our country has seen in decades. With your support, we can do even more. We hope you will join forces with us again and continue to provide for a very under served population.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much!” - Helen Keller

Thank you so very much!


Nicole Budden & Happy Trails Riding Center

Apr 24, 2012

You Are Invited To A Kentucky Derby Fundraiser

Kentucky Derby Invite
Kentucky Derby Invite

Don’t Miss the Throroughbred of Parties!
A Kentucky Derby Fundraiser

Saturday, May 5th from 1:00-4:00
Hosted by The Grill’s
at Whirlwind Ranch
26801 SW Stafford Rd. - Wilsonville, OR

Meet members of Happy Trails Riding Center's Board of Directors and Executive Director and learn more about the great things happening at Happy Trails Riding Center.

Come and share some “Southern Hospitality” in the Pacfic Northwest!

- Wear your Big Hat -

$20 per person includes: Appetizers, desserts, a drink coupon and raffle ticket.

Fun and exciting raffle prizes will be given away! Bring a Guest!

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