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Mission: Portland Opera exists to inspire, challenge and uplift our audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera. Vision: Portland Opera will be known for its commitment to the highest artistic standards, its boldness of spirit, and its willingness to take risks. It will produce work of such distinction and beauty that the lives of our audiences will be transformed by what they experience on our stage.
Jun 25, 2013

Looking on to 2014!

Map of our hits!
Map of our hits!

The summer has come. The truck has been returned. The singers are off doing other gigs. This is POGO in the summer. Quiet, but that's relative. Our Education and Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Hamilton is hard at work booking for next season.

We will have a few return engagements. We always do. However, of the 18,157 we reached in 2013 with our 88 performances of The Magic Flute, 19 were new to our program in 2013 and an additional 15 had not participated the previous season. So, the need is there, the appetite doesn't seem to be going away. 

Below is a representative map of our 2013 tour. You will note, all 55 sites are not there, but how many pins can we really stick into Portland's economically depressed neighborhoods? You can see, however, that Portland Opera To Go covers all over the state of Oregon, and up into SW Washington. 

To do it, we spent $165,000 over the course of our 11 week tour. While the cost of all those performance, comes out to average $12.50 per child, we charge an average of $1.25 per student as this program was created to help where the budgets are the tightest. 

Thank you very much for your continuing support. Portland Opera will continue to be good stewards of your contributions. 

Apr 10, 2013

And that's a WRAP!

Sarastro (c) and the cast at the end of the show!
Sarastro (c) and the cast at the end of the show!

Portland Opera To Go has finished another wonderful tour. This year's The Magic Flute, by Mozart, was a wonderful success. Our intrepid band of musicians toured all over Oregon, and Soutwest Washington, from coast to coast and from North to South. We were everywhere from Vancouver, WA to Klamath Falls, OR, we were on the coast in Astoria, OR all the way to Ontario, OR. 

The group had a great time while playing to a total of over 18,000! POGO hit 55 venues over the 12 week tour and of those 19 had never gotten a POGO performance before. This production really focuses on the hero story in The Magic Flute of Tamino and his trials to win the freedom of his lady love. With Papagano at his side, our hero was successful in all of his trials and won the hand of Pamina. 

POGO's mission is to bring arts learning and performance to children and areas that don't have much access to this type of programming. This year they sure did! 63% of the schools we visited were Title 1 schools! 25% of the schools they went to were considered "very rural" with a population of less than 10,000 in the school district. About 1/2 of the schools were in and around the Portland Metro area and half were out and about in the rest of Oregon. 

Portland Opera To Go did well this year to fulfill the mission of bring the arts and music to as much of our state as we can in one season. We look forward to seeing you next year! Stay tuned for more on our upcoming tours!

Jan 22, 2013

Portland Opera To Go is at it again!

Papagano enlists some help on his search.
Papagano enlists some help on his search.

The tour has begun. January 14, 2013 our intrepid singers have departed on their tour. Criss-crossing the state of Oregon and into SW Washington, our tour will reach all over the state and should reach about 20,000 during their travels.

We have a wonderful production of THE MAGIC FLUTE this year that was adapted by the director. She was working to make this script highlight the journey of our hero, Tamino. While keeping in the best and most recognizable tunes and characters, Kristine McIntyre has done a wonderful job again!

Stacy Murdock has returned to our ranks for his 9th season with POGO! Ainsley Soutiere as Pamina, Tour Manager Samm Hawkins, our amazing pianist David Saffert and Dru Rutledge as Papagena have also returned. We have some new faces as well. Welcome to our hero Anthony Ballard as Tamino, Claudia Chapa as 3rd Lady, Kevin Bertin as Sastro and Ksenia Popova as The Queen of the Night.

The enclosed picture is of our Papagano and one of our young audience members as Papagano searches for his Papagana. Stacy is always so engaging with our audiences, we are very fortunate to have him continue to return.

We will be having Public Performances here at the Hampton Opera Center on March 22 and 23rd!

Ainsley Soutiere, our Pamina and 4 year veteran of the program, will be writing the blog for us. She is both a wonderfully talented performer, and a delightful person! I do hope you will take a moment from time to time to hear about your generous gifts at work. I have posted the blog link below.