St Gregory's Foundation

St Gregory's Foundation works in Russia and the former Soviet Union to tackle the social problems facing children, teenagers, parents and carers. Our projects address the root causes of disadvantage by putting families before institutions, strengthening a sense of responsibility in young and old alike and providing opportunities for vulnerable people to fulfill their potential. Our work makes our beneficiaries active participants in improving their own lives and encourages a more charitable society.
Mar 25, 2014

Four-star hotel welcomes our orphanage-leavers

Many people who grew up in orphanages feel that much of the world outside is alien to them.  They have grown up living and going to school in one institution with very little contact with people and places beyond its walls.  

This is why we were so delighted when two Marriott hotels in our city invited us for masterclasses in serving at table, cooking and career's advice.  For our first visit we took both the group of young orphanage-leavers that you have been supporting and members of our group for older orphanage-leavers with children.  As you can see in our picture, even the children came with us.

Whether or not any members of our groups decides to work in the hospitality industry, everyone learnt a great deal from the day.  Everyone knows how they can lay a really special table for celebrations (this might sound minor but after the dreariness of orphanage life it can give a huge lift).  Everyone has had a glimpse into a different world, has learnt some of the etiquette of that world and how to get on with staff who could one day be their employers.

We are very grateful to the Courtyard Marriott Vasilievsky for giving us this wonderful experience, to our groups for working hard on the day, and to you for all your support.

Mar 2, 2014

Food & a future for homeless teenagers in Georgia

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Mkurnali in the last year.  Thanks to you, Mkurnali is able to house and feed seventeen young people including three small children who would otherwise be homeless.  Through Global Giving we aim to cover as much as possible of our food bill so that we can feed our residents and other local homeless youngsters.  

Today we will catch you up with some of our news and we'd also like to tell you about an opportunity to have 50% added to your donation.  Global Giving UK is holding a bonus week starting tomorrow on 3rd March 2014 at 12:01 am GMT and will be adding a fantastic 50% to donations made via until 10th March 2014 or when funds run out.  We recommend you make your donation as soon as possible if you would like to see it matched.  There are also prizes for the projects that raise the most money in that week and those that attract the most individual donors, so even if your donation isn't matched it could help bring us a big bonus.

So back to our news . . .

Justice for two more boys

Recently Mkurnali secured the release of two lads who were refused release from prison despite the fact that the decision to lengthen their sentences had been overturned.   They have both now been released, one is living with us and the other has gone to live in a village with his sister and her family.

Mkurnali teams up with another charity to offer literacy, maths and English classes.
Nino Chubabria, director of Mkurnali, also reports that they have recently been able to extend the services they provide to their residents

“Our beneficiaries must get basic education in order to find permanent  jobs and not be dependent on  casual, day by day work. Applicants now have to undergo tests and  interviews for every kind of  employment. Therefore, in cooperation with the non-commercial organization “MAK”, we are now  educating our beneficiaries in writing, spelling, maths and English. In addition, with the support of “MAK” one of our beneficiaries was  given funding to study hairdressing in the Beauty Academy.”

We are delighted with this new partnership, which will improve the life chances of young people  who have missed out on so much education through homelessness and, in some cases, through time in prison, where they are given no education or training. 

Thank you all once again.  We couldn't help these young people at all if we didn't know that we could feed them.  Don't forget the bonus week starting tomorrow.  As ever we will be very grateful for any support you can offer.

Feb 26, 2014

First Aid for parents who grew up in orphanages and their children


Our summer camps are like First Aid for parents who grew up in orphanages and their children.  It is the first step to healing relationships and making sure that the parents' unhappy childhood experiences aren't passed on to the next generation.

Parents who grew up in orphanages suffer from deprivation and their children experience it too.  Even if a child stays with its family (and many are either abandoned or taken from their parents) then their parents bring them up as if in a children's home because they know no different.  They don't look after them physically, deprive them of emotional warmth, feed them food that tastes horrible, and bring them up with an expectation of dependency.

Through the year our regular family sessions encourage parents to change their value system and to learn how to be parents.  Meanwhile the children are helped with their development.  

Ask any of our families who have been members for a while and they will tell you how much their relationships have improved.  It's the first step that is often the hardest: realising that what you thought was normal actually puts your child at risk.  This is where our summer camps come in, and where your assistance is vital.  We are able to cover our staff costs, but our new parents need encouragement to attend.  With your help we can pay for their food during the summer camp to make that first difficult step easier to make. 

Donating is not the only way to help (much as we welcome all donations).  If you'd like to help us hit our target in time for the summer camps, please share this report.  If you'd like to get more involved do e-mail Sarah Gale on

Thank you all! 

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