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Greatest Goal Ministries USA is a Christian, humanitarian, non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the economical, physical, social and spiritual needs of the amputees and other victims of war-torn Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Oct 20, 2011

Disability Football (Soccer) in Sierra Leone

Dear Donor,

A team of twelve members from Greatest Goal Ministries USA has just returned from 14 days in Sierra Leone and an incredible vision has been cast for disability football (soccer) in this small nation.

 During the spring of this year a group of over 30 amputees decided to break away from (SLASC) the Single Leg Amputee Sports Club, started in 2001.  There were many grievances stated in regard to the management of SLASC.  The players were ready for another option. 

 During the past several months, while GGM and your donations assisted the team in transportation costs and the purchase of additional balls and jerseys for playing etc.,  we challenged the amputees to formulate what a new team or organization would look like.

 While in Sierra Leone we had the opportunity to meet with the amputee team as well as representatives from the deaf and polio football teams.  Together, a new vision in regard to disabled football in Sierra Leone was created.

 Greatest Goal Ministries as the umbrella organization will register a new disability football league, GGM Disability Football League (GGM DFL).  Each of the disability groups (amputee, polio and deaf) will become a club within the league.  Each club will have their own bylaws governing the administrative part of their club, but the overall GGM Disabilty Football League Constitution will govern all the clubs and will be used to register the league with the Ministry of Social Welfare and with the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA).  SLFA rules and regulations will govern the league.

 Equipment, jerseys, nets etc. will be maintained and distributed through Greatest Goal Ministries Freetown office.  Oversight of donated funds will also be coordinated through our main office. 

 GGM USA will provide the constitution of GGM DFL and the bylaws of the three disability groups once they have all been voted upon, on this GlobalGiving web site.

 While we were in Sierra Leone the amputee team challenged the polio team to a football match.  An historic game was played as both these groups, with crutches flying put on an absolutely inspirational match.  Please take a moment to look at the new photos.  Video images will be posted soon.

 Life in Sierra Leone is difficult at best, but as a disabled person in the poorest country on earth each and every day is a struggle that very few of us can even begin to imagine.  The game of football provides an outlet and a form of stress reduction.  During their time on the field the players are not disabled. They are athletes playing the world’s sport.  The troubles of life are momentarily forgotten; all effort and thought is confined to the field and a soccer ball.

 Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we build a program that can help provide a sports outlet for the disabled of Sierra Leone in Freetown now, and eventually out into the provinces.

Sep 24, 2011

Send Off Of Our Medical Mission Team

On September 30th Greatest Goal Ministries will be sending a mission team to our clinic for two weeks.  Our team includes two physicians, a nurse practitioner, three registered  nurses, one ultrasound technician, one microbiology technician, an architect, an electrical engineer and a computer programmer. 

In addition to the medical personnel bringing their expertise to the clinic, we are bringing a few specialists too.

Our ultrasound tech is equipped with three hand-portable ultrasound machines; two on loan from Sonosite and one donated by the Australian Rotary Club of Croydon and “Captain’s Choice Tour” company.  This ultrasound will allow the clinic staff to accurately diagnose numerous medical issues which can only be done with the ultrasound.  Issues include, but are not limited to: pregnancy (gestational age, breach position and placental positioning), abdominal pain, limb fractures, soft tissue pain, hernias, distinguishing between benign cysts and solid masses needing biopsy, parasitic infections, appendicitis, and gallstones/gallbladder disease. 

The architect will conduct a survey of the clinic compound and create plans for a new outpatient clinic.  This upgraded clinic will allow for a larger resource lab, x-ray, ultrasound, small outpatient surgical suite and five exam rooms. 

The electrical engineer will conduct a feasibility assessment to determine what is needed to equip our facilities with solar power.  This will allow us to go “green” by no longer being dependent on a gas generator and the intermittent electricity of the current grid system.

Our USA medical staff will also be conducting continuing medical education for our Sierra Leonese medical staff.  The USA medical staff will continue with our community health education classes in the community surrounding the clinic.  

As part of our evaluation of the pediatric population, we will conduct assessments of all children coming to the clinic who are under the age of five.  These assessments include height, weight, mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC).  This information will be compared to World Health Organization (WHO) standardized malnutrition chart, and allow clinic staff to compile data and refer those needing assistance to the local malnutrition center. 

 Stay tuned for lots of amazing photos and stories in our next report, after our team returns on October 16th! 

Jun 15, 2011

Creation of the New GGM Amputee Football League (GGM AFL)


Amputee Football League (AFL)

 Amputee football “soccer” began in Sierra Leone, West Africa shortly after the war in 2001 with the establishment of (SLASC) the Single Leg Amputee Football Club. Through SLASC, amputee players were transformed from victims of war to victors on the playing field.   During the past ten years 5 teams and 120 players have participated in SLASC.  For many amputees however the program has not expanded and expectations have not been met.  Many of the original players are looking for a change. 

Being an amputee in the poorest country in the world means a very difficult life.  Many amputees  had several limbs amputated during the war. Some are amputees by landmines others from accidents.  What ever the cause, the outcome remains the same.  They are stigmatized and ostracized and treated as if they are unworthy.

 GGM USA is helping create the opportunity for change with the establishment of the (GGM AFL) Greatest Goal Ministries Amputee Football League.  This will be the first football club organized, coached and played by amputees themselves in Sierra Leone.  GGM USA will provide oversight and assist with funding opportunities and equipment as possible.

Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, or economic strength of an individual and/or the community. Often it involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities.  GGM AFL has been organized to do just that. Give the amputees of Sierra Leone confidence by giving them a choice and helping them to deliver the outcome.  They can continue with an organization that they are familiar with, SLASC, or participate in the newly formed AFL and participate in something that may be able to add more meaning to their lives.

Participants to the GGM AFL will write their own constitution with GGM USA over sight.  Each participant will create his own goals.  As much as possible GGM USA will assist them in trying to reach those goals.  That goal may be to help send their children to school or it may involve job retraining, or starting a small business.   The teams will also be encouraged to participate in community events and attend community forums where they can speak on behalf of the tens of thousands of amputees within the country.

GGM USA will also be creating ways that teams can serve as mentors to others.  Many in Sierra Leone could find hope in watching the most marginalized segment of the population rise above the hardships and difficulties with a “together” we can attitude.  "Together" the athletes can find camaraderie and strength.  Plans for the formation of all girl’s teams are also being discussed.  

Thanks for considering a donation to GGM AFL !