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Jul 15, 2013

June updates for GGM's free outpatient hospital

Global Giving June Update

Dear Donors,

As the International Director of Greatest Goal Ministries (GGM), I just returned from an 8 week visit to our out-patient hospital, the Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital (LDBH) located in Laka, Western Rural District of Sierra Leone. 

Traveling with me for almost 3 weeks was a 10 member team.  Goals for the team surrounding this trip included the following:

1)      A water and sanitation randomized household survey in a 6 mile radius surrounding our outpatient hospital

2)      Introduction of a nonprofit organization called iRespond who were interested in discussing with the government of Sierra Leone several technological and biometric initiatives in partnership with Greatest Goal Ministries and the Ministry of Health.

3)      One team member was a film student from a local college who documented our activities.  Her new documentary will be finished before the end of the summer and we look forward to sharing that with all of our donors. 

4)      Arrival of a fourth cruise ship to Sierra Leone that toured our facility and then watched an exhibition match of the polio playing the amputees.  Guest appearances from the former vice-president of Sierra Leone, Solomon Berewa, the First Lady of Sierra Leone and the Deputy Minister of sports made for an eventful day for guests and staff alike.

The remainder of the time was spent in meetings with government officials and Ministry of Health personnel.  The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency Sia Koroma, has asked GGM to act in the capacity of technical pilots in moving forward on a five year plan for a cancer center and cancer program in Sierra Leone.  I was called to the State House to meet with the President, His Excellency Ernest Koroma, and present the 5 year initial timeline to him and receive his endorsement. This was granted by the President to move forward with the program.   I was introduced to the US Ambassador and shared with him the cancer program vision.

 From there, with help from the First Lady and her policy advisor, Sam Bangura, meetings were held with the Minister of Health and various Sierra Leone medical staff.  A cancer committee has now been formed in Sierra Leone with Dr. Deen, a Sierra Leone physician, named as project manager.  A SL cancer advisor committee is currently being formed in the USA to work with the SL cancer committee as plans move forward. 

A cancer registry that was started in June 2012 with a small amount of funding from the WHO has now developed targets and direction with a culminating stakeholders conference scheduled in December 2013 with various US physicians speaking. 

In addition to those meetings, time was spent at our new outpatient hospital.  Our office in central Freetown has been moved to office space at our hospital and our first quarterly reports have been compiled.  As an outpatient hospital we operate with a small laboratory and pharmacy.  We believe we are the only outpatient facility that can offer both those services in all of Sierra Leone.  And most importantly, other than a small registration fee of 1.00 USD or 4,000 le, the visit is free.  We have over 50 patients being treated regularly for diabetes and hypertension.  Our staff is all Sierra Leonean with the exception of our Laboratory Director and Operations Supervisor, Jerry Staples, an American and former director of a laboratory in a 350 bed hospital outside of Seattle, WA.   He has been living in Sierra Leone full time for the past two years.  Out of our 16 Sierra Leonean staff, 2 are polio victims, 2 are deaf and 1 is an amputee.

A brief outline of this quarter’s statistics includes:

Greatest Goal Ministries Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital  Laka, Sierra Leone

First Quarter--January-March, 2013

Total Patients                        Adults             6 to 21                        5 and under

January, 2013             814                              621                                          193

February, 2013           472                              378                                            94

March, 2013               540                              413                                          127


Malaria                   52                                12                     12                     28

Neisseria gonorrhea

January, 2013                   2

February, 2013                 2

March, 2013                     5         

Chlamydia trachomatis

January, 2013                   2         

February, 2013                 2         

March, 2013                     4         

Trachomanasis vaginitis

January, 2013                   4                                 

February, 2013                 1                                 

March, 2013                     2                                 

This list does not include typhoid, TB, cholera, parasite infections, skin disease rashes, diarrhea and other illnesses and diseases.

The results of the water and sanitation survey have been attached to this update along with a PowerPoint presentation.

Mar 13, 2013

GGM Disability Sports Association

Snohomish, WA collects soccer jerseys
Snohomish, WA collects soccer jerseys

In April of 2012, Greatest Goal Ministries registered the first Disability Sports Association in Sierra Leone.  The disabled of Sierra Leone are rejected physically, socially and emotionally.  Most are reduced to a life of begging because they are seen as useless and unemployable.  The DSA (Disability Sports Association) allows them an opportunity to showcase their potential, develop self-esteem, and help change the overall attitude toward disabled people in the country.

GGM DSA now has five polio and five amputee teams signed with the association.  A Detroit Harley Davidson Chapter and youth soccer teams from WA State have raised enough funds and collected enough jerseys for all 10 teams to be completely outfitted. 

In 2013 we will begin signing additional teams and include blind and deaf teams.  Our newest development
is our partnership agreement with “Coaches Across continents” that will begin working with coaches in Sierra Leone in 2014. 

Please help us as we find uniforms and soccer equipment for our disabled teams and begin matches in 2014. 
Please consider being part of the change agent for the disabled of Sierra Leone.

GGM DSA soccer logo
GGM DSA soccer logo
Matt Jenkins and Cynthia Frahm raise funds for DSA
Matt Jenkins and Cynthia Frahm raise funds for DSA
Donors sending wishes to the amputees on balls
Donors sending wishes to the amputees on balls
Amputee team in Bo signing with DSA
Amputee team in Bo signing with DSA
Amputee players
Amputee players


Mar 13, 2013

GGM Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital

The new GGM Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital in Lakka opened the doors in December of 2012.  Currently
operating as a free outpatient clinic the hospital has been seeing an average of 40 patients a day.

GGM is continuing to work closely with the office of the First Lady of Sierra Leone as we develop a cancer screening program and cancer center. From March 16th – April 2 a 10 member team from Greatest Goal Ministries will be
traveling to Sierra Leone.  One of the primary objectives will be a two week water and sanitation household survey of
a 6 mile radius surrounding the new Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital (LDBH) in Lakka in conjunction with the local chief and council members.

An additional objective will be meetings with the First Lady and her team as we progress on our discussions of expansion at the LDBH.  GGM has been busy since December talking to organizations in the USA who may be able to assist in development of this joint dream to develop cancer screening and a cancer hospital.

Two medical mission trips have also been scheduled for October and December of 2013.  These teams are composed of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and allied health care workers and volunteers. 

We are busy trying to learn about our new community and will work with the local chief and decision makers in regard to community health education programs and services GGM may be able to assist with.


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